From ACE on the Scurrilous Sexual Harassment Suit – comment thread:

“One of the big lies told today is that the stereotype of gays (limp wristed, wears lace, lisps, walks like a girl, etc) is fake and gays are just like everyone else.
I’m sorry but there really are gay people out there who are like that, and they really aren’t all that damned hard to find.”

Posted by Canelone at April 14, 2006 04:31 PM

“Sorry, Gabriel. […]And your flat wrong. There are homosexuals and there are raging queens. Take a stroll through the South End in Boston (ironic, that) or Provincetown or South Beach. Spend a weekend in SF. Hell they don’t deny it, why are you trying to?”

Posted by JackStraw

Because normalizing and legitimizing « homosexuality » requires that every single attitude, mental dysfunction, and behavior from homosexuals be legitimized. Otherwise people don’t follow Gabriel’s obsessive denial about how many problems there are in homosexuality (and human sexuality).

If people are not in obsessive denial, they start to think and don’t fall for the pro-homo propaganda line. If people start to connect the dots that a whole ensemble of mental problems can engender a homosexual state of mind, then homosexuality can’t be shoved down everyone’s throat as normal and perfectly healthy (and biologically determined).

That’s why most pro-homosexuals go for the « any time anyone says anything that relates to any problem regarding homosexuals they are lying (or saying some false stereotype) » line.

Posted by alessandra at April 15, 2006 02:37 PM

5Cats :

“I draw a distinct line between them:
Faggots: Like to diddle little boys, shriek when offended and wear far too much pink
Gays: Like to have sex with same-gender adults, are often difficult to tell apart from straights.”

I didn’t know heterosexuals who abused children wore far too much pink. Just about every heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual who abuses children or adolescents doesn’t have an extreme dysfunctional effeminate behavior like fags do.

When NAMBLA holds their meetings by the way, the homos who go there cannot be detected by police as raging garbage queens, they look and behave (outwardly) like you and other ACE commenters.

5Cats :

“Gays: Like to have sex with same-gender adults, are often difficult to tell apart from straights.”

Yep, you can’t tell them apart from straights who engage in prostitution, or adultery, or destroy a respectful culture towards sexuality by producing and consuming porn, or who batter their spouses, or who abuse children. Or who do nothing about any and all these problems and make big moralist speeches about how purgrassive and tolerant they are.

Posted by alessandra at April 15, 2006 02:57 PM