Comment at Volokh:

Tony :

As a gay man, it is plain as day that there is really no debate as to whether homosexuality is “acceptable” or not. It’s not even the right question. I’m born with it, I’m stuck with it. It is, in itself, neither good nor bad… it simply is. And no, Clayton, I was not molested – I was gay before I knew what sex was, before I even knew the basics of the birds and the bees. One can legitimately discuss the implications of fact for American culture, discuss the ways both good and bad that people of similar bent form communities, and even the (very real) pathologies of those communities, if one starts from the position of recognizing the basic humanity of the people involved.

This is total pro-homosexual propaganda. First, not the most important, but something which has become more and more salient to me, since I am always fascinated about the politics of language is the use of the word « gay » instead of « homosexual .» (Thinking about Language Again – “Gay” Instead of “Homosexual” )

The second observation, which is the most important, is the insistence that everything that is manifested in homosexuality is biologically determined and has no relation nor is caused by any personal past experience, nor any personality component, nor any cultural/social conditioning nor as a reaction to one’s environment ever, simply nothing:

« And no, Clayton, I was not molested – I was gay before I knew what sex was, before I even knew the basics of the birds and the bees. »

Pro-homosexuals posit themselves on the same levels as amoebas, whose entire range of sexual behavior is totally innate and driven by some instinctual pre-programming.

« I was gay before I knew what sex was «

How does he know that he was a homosexual then ?

Clayton responds to our homo-amoeba commenter:

The belief that “I’ve always been gay” is widespread among homosexuals, but that you believe it doesn’t make it true. A serious debate about the subject would be very worthwhile, especially because there seems to be a lot of different forms of homosexuality. For example, this incident is an extreme example of the S&M gay subculture–but even in the less extreme forms, it is pretty clear that someone has a serious confusion about pain, pleasure, sex, and domination. (Gee, rather like you might expect if someone’s first sexual experiences involved pain, pleasure, sex, and domination.)

Unfortunately, there will be no serious debate about this subject, because homosexuals will not allow it at a place like Ohio State, or just about any other university.