From ACE, commenting that homo Sullivan wants to start using a jingoist term to label politicized Christians as “Christianists,” to condemn them for voicing their political views that are based on their religion.

ACE: It’s a rather stupid thing to note that conservative Christians’ politics are indeed shaped by 1) conservatism 2) Christiantity and 3) Christian conservatism.

That’s why I have blogged before that the separation of Church and State has always been and will always be a sham. The only way you can have a secular state is if freedom of religion is suppressed. Which reminds me of that idea of that millionaire that wants to build his own Catholic town. In a way, I am surprised we don’t have very starkly defined towns like this. You have loosely defined neighborhoods or areas or regions, but it kinds of surprises me there aren’t specifically designed areas regarding religion. Maybe it would work out better. Maybe it would make no difference in the quality of the relationships between people.