As you probably know, if you read my blog, I am hanging out with Christians quite a bit these days. Many of whom are so-called Christians and they irritate me profoundly because of it, that is, they are just pigs, but they think because they believe in 5 or 6 credos that makes it all OK. And they deftly fancy themselves to be better than other people, including people who aren’t pigs and who don’t follow their religion.

One of things that greatly irritates me with religious groups how they insistently pump their egos with this “I am better than all other people who don’t belong to our religion simply because I believe (or say I believe) our credos – which are the only valid ones. I can be the biggest pig in the world, but if I believe in 1, 2, 3, I’m better than non-pigs simply because they don’t believe in 1, 2, 3.”

My measure of a person doesn’t have to do with what they say they “believe” in, at the end of the day, I want to see how they lived their lives, what they thought, what they did, how did they treated themselves and others. And these Christians are so obnoxiously a cult-like group in this way. They do like community life though, which is nice, more than nice actually, and they like communities more than liberals, they like building a community and strengthening it. But then I may not really know that much about communities liberals build, which can probably get very cult-like too, dogmatic and fanatical.

So I was talking to one of these Christian women these days and she said she has an acquaintance who is an atheist who keeps asking her about Christianity. The atheist told her she thought Christianity was an encouragement to be a better person but that was about it. The Christian woman thought the atheist was an idiot who just wouldn’t understand “the most basic things” and her response was to fetch the woman a Bible and tell her to go off and read it. The atheist came back, said she tried to read the Bible, but still didn’t find it much meaningful (like the Bible is such an easy, straighforward read), so the Christian woman was totally miffed. She told the atheist that Christians were not just about trying to be good people, but it “was all because Jesus had died for us!” I felt like laughing and laughing but I couldn’t! If the Christian woman wasn’t making much sense before in talking to the atheist, she really crowned herself with that one. Talk about being blind regarding communication obstacles and completely ignoring where your audience is coming from. So I sat there with a blank-stare face, concealing how funny I thought the whole episode was, and then I tried very diplomatically to point out to the Christian woman that her approach wasn’t being appropriate for nor effective with her audience, which only made her upset with me for saying such “foggy” criticism to her. Not the brightest candles on the cake, these women… Sitting next to her was a putrid bisexual “Christian” slime who had awhile past given me some clear and unwelcome sleazy homo looks, which were sent packing along with the slime. So the shitty closeted married bisexual “Christian” woman who obsesses in sexually harassing other women and wanting affairs with them turns to the clueless-in-communication Christian woman and in a totally empathetic way goes off on how you simply can never convert anyone, no matter how you talk to them, bla bla bla. And the communication-clueless woman exclaimed that finally someone understood the problem she was facing! And I was just thinking, “I need to blog about this or I am going to go crazy… 😉

In another episode in my interacting with stupid slimy people who call themselves Christians, I was listening to another middle class “educated” “Christian” woman talk, mother, teacher (!!!), etc etc and she starts to talk about prostitution and she goes, “oh prostitution, ha ha, I don’t know what you all think of it, ha ha, and of having brothels, ha ha but the problem is only when they kidnap and keep a woman prisoner in these places. Yeah you could be against brothels, but then how would men take care of sexual needs?? hahahha.” And I stood there gaping (mentally at least), because I wasn’t to go about displaying how stunned I was at her stupidity, ignorance, sliminess, and profoundly destructive attitudes regarding sexual exploitation of women and degradation of sexuality, which as we all know, is so coherent with “Christian” beliefs.