From thread in the Volokh blog – which started out as a discussion on homo marriage and turned into another display to how criminal the minds of many pro-homos are:


I beginning to think we should just let the SSM people have exactly what they want. – gay marriage for all. In fact, we should implement the whole leftist agenda –

aggressive affirmative action
welfare for all
socialized health care
jobs for life
enless environmental regulation
endless consumer “protections”
high taxes
birth control for all
free love

Oh wait, all that has been implemented in Europe. Last time I checked Europe had double digit unemployment, race riots, unstable governments, higher incidents of STDs, huge national debts, and declining birth rates.


And don’t forget that the whole pro-homo shtick is flying in Europe too, so homos and bisexuals are now always making unwanted and unwelcome advances on heterosexuals, including in work and academic environments, just as bigoted or adulterous heterosexuals have always done, and the child sexual abuse scandals are increasing, thanks to how liberal societies are so non-violent. Pornography and prostitution are being normalized too. Such a dandy moment in history, so much sexual exploitation and denigration in so many ways, all in the name of freedom.

Oh, incidentally I’ve just described the problems in the US that pro-homos hate to admit to as well.



Wow, things must be bad for gays in Europe if they have to hit up heterosexual people.

You are really self-absorbed if you think you’re in danger of being felt up by a lesbian.

PeterH, you see the above? Actually this is much more the problem with homo marriage, it’s part of so much criminal irresponsibility and ignorance that comprises pro-homo activism.

I’m copying below my response to Elais, by far the cheapest, most vile commenter on this blog. I mean, just how repugnant can you get to make fun of the reality of sexual violence? Leave it to pro-homos, no doubt.

Elais wrote:

Could you point out how non-violent heterosexuals are? And keep in mind I just came off of reading a report how a young heterosexual man killed 7 members of a multi-generational family.

In my community, I would guess that 99.9% of the violent crimes are perpetuated by heterosexuals.

You don’t say! And let me guess what your last name is? God. Not even morons have the pretense that they have the telepathic x-ray ability to know precisely who commited what crime, but not you, Elais. You don’t let that enormous stupidity of yours get in the way, now do you? You chat with someone and if they are nice to you, you just know they have never committed a crime. Maybe we should just abolish the Justice system and replace it with a 5 minute chat with you. Why have research and investigations and proof and facts and testimonials when we can have a stupid nut-job like you deciding whose guilty or innocent?

Elais wrote:

Gays on straight violence, harassment, etc. is non-existent.

Elais, there is unquestionable proof that non-heterosexuals commit a ton of violence towards heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals. Harmful action is not restricted to, but includes: domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, prostitution, sexual denigration, sexual exploitation, and collusion and cover up of all these types of harmful actions. This proof is comprised of research, interviews, studies, testimonials, court records, and personal experiences you are too diseased to face.

Elais’ level of denial is equal to Holocaust deniers. There is no way she can stick her head further in the sand. A nice example of how pro-homos are so often extreme nut-jobs.

Elais wrote:

I have met many gays here and they are some of the nicest, most pleasant, most non-violent citizens my community has.

What planet are you from?

Pro-homosexuality people like Elais are dangerous to society because they practice their diseased level of denial not only in blogs, but very sadly in the real world. Should an adult or child suffer harassment, exploitation, or violence from a non-heterosexual and try to report the offense to people like Elais, her reaction will be to obsessively deny the crimes, collude with the perpetrators, obstruct justice, consequently perpetuate more crimes, all in the name of their lunatic “homosexuals don’t commit any type of violence in the world, ever” obsession. It is the exact carbon copy of the obsessive denials found in religious people regarding covering up clergy who perpetrate harm and crimes.

Another fine example that 99% of most people’s ideas about what constitutes reality in sexuality is nothing but a product of their fickle imagination, profound ignorance, and emotional (and very egotistical) push-buttons. All of this gets warped into certain kinds of master narratives containing extremely simplistic stereotypes substituting the veritable complexity of real people. It’s plain to see to just what extent Elais’ brain cannot deal with complexity, nor with reality.

Elais wrote:

I have met many gays here and they are some of the nicest, most pleasant, most non-violent citizens my community has.

You know what this reminded me of as well? So many child abusers were/are able to carry on the abuse of one or more children because exactly they were/are always so nice and friendly and seemingly trustworthy to the adults around them. Literally thousands of examples of this.

The same for batterers – before police ever got training on domestic violence, the first thing a batterer would do is bond with the police officer coming to see what the noise was about- and they, the batterers, were usually calm, friendly, and sometimes even charming. In fact, some of the most violent batterers are described by people who only see them in their professional environment as “the nicest guy around.”

Putrid pro-homos obviously, in their egotistical crappy mind, see only what they like to see, and can care less about the reality of violence in society when it applies to non-heterosexuals – as long as the 2 or 3 homos they know are nice to them.

It’s as cheap as you can get.

Every child, adolescent, and adult that will suffer some form of harm or violence from non-heterosexuals in the future has Elais to thank for it and for insuring their reality is denied, they can thank her for denying the destruction of their lives, the torture of their minds, the infliction of barbaric pain, for causing all kinds of trauma, for exploiting their vulnerability, for dragging their dignity in the dirt, for conducing them to suicide.

Go on Elais, continue showing how monstrous your mind is, make some more of your putrid jokes- why not about how all the kids sexually abused by Father Shanley were making it all up, self-absorbed brats, were they? and the prostituted homo adolescents – cheap liars with kooky homo fears, aren’t they? don’t forget the homosexual rape victims, another category of self-absorbed liars? and how much women harassed by lesbians /bisexuals are all loony – even after they lose their jobs, academic programs, and suffer great emotional violence in the process…

To deny the reality of violence can actually be a much more serious crime because of its consequences than the great majority of any of the forms of so-called “hate-speech.” Which is the reasoning behind the banning of “Holocaust denial” speech in Europe. How many centuries before we will have something similar applied to the denial of reality of sexual violence, whereby someone with Elais’ putrid mind would have to answer for her lies about reality and the harm she and others like her cause to real victims of sexual violence and exploitation?