This is really horrible:

Britain has recently made commercial burglary, as well as “arson through vandalism to sex with underage kids,” into non-arrestable offenses.

New rules sent to police chiefs by the Home Office set out how seriously various crimes should be regarded, and when offenders who admit to them should be sent home with a caution.

A caution counts as a criminal record but means the offender does not face a court appearance which would be likely to end in a fine, a community punishment or jail.

But then again, it’s the UK, and it’s ruled by liberals, those adorable people with no character and no respect for anyone, specially for real victims of violence.

The instruction to abandon court prosecutions in more cases – even for people who admit to having carried out serious crimes – comes in the wake of repeated attempts by ministers and senior judges to persuade the courts to send fewer criminals to jail.

The crisis of overcrowding in UK prisons has also prompted moves to let many more convicts out earlier.

It emerged last month that some violent or sex offenders, given mandatory life sentences under a “two-strike” rule, have been freed after as little as 15 months.

That’s because liberals care so much about the children, it’s all for the children – as the UK pro-homo chimps who come comment on my blog often remind us, just how lofty their morals and values are ( “Um, I live in England and have for a couple of years now. There aren’t any gay people running around accosting the rest of us.”) And pretty soon this guy won’t be seeing any sex crimes whatsoever, because you know what? The criminals will be sent off with a little caution and none will be prosecuted. And he, like the people who are making these rules, can keep his little head in the sand because he’s not being targetted for any of this violence. Isn’t humanity wonderful?

Read the comments, so many are great and very meaningful – but if it’s too much, just read the last one.

Perhaps it would be easier and safer for the honest citizens of the UK to move into the prisons and the criminals to be let out.

– Sarah, France

This isn’t justice, this is a licence to do exactly what you like, when you like and all you get is a telling off. Mind you I don’t suppose it makes much difference since the police seem to have given up even trying to catch most offenders. Not really their fault, most of the money seems to be spent on a toothless special force, whilst real police officers are tied down with red tape.

– Norma Maxwell, Huddersfield

[yep, this are liberals at their “best.”]

And yet another reason why we moved to Spain.

– Julian Schofield, Loja, Spain

The resistance to prison building is now absurd. Invade fewer countries and use the money at home.

– Jack Gordon, Wembley, Middlesex

Unbelievable. Total failure by the police/government to do their jobs. We were burgled last year, it was very traumatic for my wife and family. IT is NOT a victimless crime. Many people afterwards do not feel safe in their own homes.

In less than 1-100 do the police have any idea who did it, let alone have a conviction, what chance has a caution of being a deterrent, compared to an occupational hazard, every hundred or so ‘jobs’.

– Barry Woods, Reading, Berkshire

I’m disappointed they are not giving them a safari holiday as well.

– Martyn James Fraser, Liverpool

Most people should be asking what is the point of the Police Force, (no, its a service now). Without the possibility of proper punishment, what incentive do criminals have to not re offend? This will lead to vigilantism or anarchy.

– Ryk, London

Ignoring grass roots crime and taking no action against it is a criminal mistake. Politicians and man management gurus changing the rules and moving the goal posts to meet targets have destroyed the moral of police officers who really care. Whenever there is a problem the change the way statistics are recorded to hide the problem. They even decide that what was a crime in the past is not a crime now. Breaking into a home is one of the worst casual crimes that professional criminal do. The occupants of the property never feel safe again.

– James Bruce, Lee on the Solent, Hants

I absolutely agree with this. Poor criminals have enough to worry about – the possibility of over crowed accommodation if they actually get sent to jail – why not let them off with a caution, so they just keep on re offending? Great idea. I think maybe to make it a little easier for them, we should leave our doors unlocked, windows open, valuables on show – oh, and pay more taxes, so that the police can let them off with a caution. Excellent.

– Becky, Tunbridge wells, UK

My house is my safe haven, a burglar is not just taking your hard earned belongings, they are taking your peace of mind. I will feel totally abandoned by law and order if a burglar has only a caution to fear, he doesn’t fear me that’s for sure! Our country is suffering with repeat offenders being allowed to walk our streets to harm us mentally or physically. Is there protection for the honest people of this world? Not from our laws if you keep making it easier for people who just don’t care. I would like a world safe for me, my daughters and my granddaughter.

– Shirley Jolly, Waddon, Surrey

Presumably the idiots who dreamed this one up have never been the victims of burglary!
I have been burgled and believe this is far from the answer… what lessons are we teaching the next generation – you will get punished for dropping litter, driving even a little bit too fast but STEAL – well that’s OK then!
What about the lessons learned in New York? ZERO tolerance is required NOW

– Jane, Nottingham

The problem with laws like these are that the people who make them are too remote. THEY are unlikely to be the victims of burglary due to superior alarms, and/or instant police response to an incident involving them. It is usually the ‘ordinary’ people who are the victims in these cases.

– David Riley, Worcester, Worcs

I think we need to address why people burgle in the first place. Zero tolerance doesn’t work, people still break the law. Maybe digging to the root of the problem would be more beneficial than building more prisons. In a lot of cases they burgle to raise money for drugs, we have a ridiculous policy on drugs and that’s down to the stupidity of zero tolerance towards heroin etc. The quicker we accept that our drug laws have to change the better.

– Paul Sheppard, Brighton

This seems just about right… after being the victim of 2 burglaries in 9 months a short while ago – following the 2nd I actually found a mobile phone that had been dropped on the floor in my bedroom by the scum that broke in – when I advised the attending police officer of this, I was mortified to find that his response was that they would not be able to do anything with it in an attempt to catch them, as it would “violate their human rights”! Never mind my human rights as the person whose home was ransacked… why not just leave all doors and windows unlocked and invite them in.

– Casey, South Wales

This is absolute madness and concrete proof that, yes – this country has finally lost the plot. [lost the plot!! too funny]

I suppose householders will be penalized next for failing to leave out sufficient refreshment for burglars, perhaps made to do community service for the offence caused.

Arsonists might win damages from householders who refuse to give counselling and are unsympathetic to the ‘real reasons’ why someone has set their house on fire.

Why not just go the whole hog, and give criminals a police number to call when and if they encounter uncooperative victims, so that just and correct retribution can be handed out to those selfish citizens who callously disregard a burglar’s needs and desires.

– Jon Noble, London, UK

On the other hand, on thing I found frightening about the comments… and I must preface this with a question – were they selected by the newspaper? I didn’t go back to try to found. But what I found frightening is that all (almost all?) the 101 comments refer to how horrible it is for burglars to get off with a caution. Yet the paper mentions sex with underage kids – like as in disguised sexual abuse, you know?

Apparently this didn’t bother people – or they are too unaware of that abuse can be disguised as consensual by psychological manipulation, exploitation, and other such maneuvers. One reason why so many victims don’t accuse, they are convinced of being guilty – instead of realizing how much they were exploited.

But then Europe is like the Stone Age regarding awareness about so many of the complications of sex harassment and violence problems, including other types of physical domestic/civic violence.

Then again it could be just another blatant sign of how selfish people are – their possessions are the most important thing in society.