From ACE thread:

It’s a stupid game — chasing each other on an open field, kicking a ball — perfect for little children and retarded adults.

Actually that is not stupid at all – playing soccer is great fun; but watching soccer will usually make you go bonkers with boredom. They need to change things to make the game more dynamic and allow for more goals.

What is extremely stupid, however, is the fact that you have children (20 year old children) who do nothing but kick around this little ball and who get 10 million bucks for it. And if you want to start a program to fight violence against children, there’s no money. If you want to prevent elderly abuse, there’s no money. If you want to fight a thousand of ills, there’s no money.

And the entire financial structure of soccer teams in countries where soccer is big business is one putrid corrupt quicksand. Too much money for a bunch of stupid, no-good little boys.

And just to pre-empt the forthcoming tangential retort, I am not saying this is only a problem in soccer -but that’s the subject at hand.

It’s not so much the game that stinks, it’s everything that touches money around it.

And then you get these horrid attitudes from little millionaire celebrity players who are treated like superheros for their stupid little soccer talent. In other words, morons clap at morons. And waste money that could be put to much better use.

Yesterday I watched my first game of the World Cup, because I had tried watching a few bits of previous games and just stopped because they were so dreadfully boring. “Spain vs. Tunisia” was quite dynamic and had very interesting moments, enought to actually allow one to enjoy some of the game, although at 1 hour and so many minutes, it got to be too long. But overall it was nice. I have absolutely no favorite team at this point. Maybe as it gets closer to the finals I will start rooting for someone, or most probably, start rooting against one or more teams. 😉 That’s even more fun. 😉