I won’t be having any time to blog before the end of October, but then I am writing this hoping that this will be one more time where I write I won’t be able to blog and then, out of the blue, the opportunity comes up soon enough!!

Things are in limbo – bleah – so I won’t know if they are fine until we reach November. Ugh. Lots of things happening, but the real important one is ahead in November – just to make me stress out during 3 months waiting. 😛 Although I am getting some initial good news about this big thing, until November that could change at any time so it’s not very heartening.

Tons of things I wanted to comment/blog on, but I have no time to write. I actually bought a little notebook that I take with me everywhere now, and when I am riding trains, planes, camels, and condors, I jot down the most pressing thoughts. Many others just rest as long interviews, speeches, movies, and draft writing pieces in my mind.

So much unsaid.