How liberals lie about the culture war and their actions and goals in it. My retort in brackets and at the end.

Eugene Robinson:

The culture war is supposed to be about morality, but really it’s a crusade to compel Americans to follow certain norms of private behavior that some social and religious conservatives believe are mandated by sociology, nature or God.

[Norms are borne out of ideas about what is right or wrong, what is desirable and what is detrimental to society. There isn’t a single liberal (or pro-homo) who does not trumpet a set of ideas about their “morality” and what norms society should have. This liberal morality is based on ignorant ideas (or misinformation) , and extremely selfish and irresponsible values. ]

Republican officeholders have paid lip service to this crusade, all the while knowing the human family is diverse and fallible.

[Which is why liberals hold the “two wrongs make our right” very close to their hearts. A lot of selfish, unscrupulous religious folks do too.]

They know the gravest threat to marriage is the heterosexual divorce rate. They know Republicans drink, swear, carouse and have affairs, just like Democrats.

[And in one fell stroke, all of a sudden all the problems related to sexual harassment, exploitation, and violence are erased from the map. Note as well that he doesn’t mention domestic violence (non-sexual physical and emotional violence) in his picture of what’s the problem with personal life in America today – according to a clueless liberal. There is no mention of STDs, abortion on a dime rate, the diseased culture of pornography, and so on. ]

They know homosexuals aren’t devils.

[And with each passing day, they are adopting more and more the pro-homo propaganda view that interprets the above statement as “no homo ever does any sexual harassment, exploitation, or violence – and anyone who speaks out on the real cases where of homo violence is “full-of-hate.” Evidently, what liberals want most is to bury their heads in the sand about how grotesquely dysfunctional and harmful their sexuality attitudes and behaviors are. As long as society is more interested in inflating its sexuality ego than facing the enormous number of cases of sexual exploitation or violence, it will be always an uphill battle to break through the selfish, ignorant liberal sexuality discourse.]

Most Americans know all of this, too, by the way. But Republicans positioned themselves as our national Church Lady and were rewarded with the support of the staunchest religious conservatives, who now feel betrayed.

[Actually, there are Americans who do not prey on adults or children. Although the number who do is enormous as well. And that includes, for example, more and more women sexually harassing heterosexual women. Another problem pro-homos can’t bring themselves to be honest about.]

The party can look America in the face and say, “Folks, we’re all just human, and while we should strive to adhere to the highest moral standards, this whole idea of writing a specific, narrow, fundamentalist Christian view of morality into law is really not a good idea. Even those of us who thought that way when we came to Washington realize we were wrong. “

[… we have now adopted the liberal corrupt, homo-exploitative way of life, the corrupt cover-ups, the mafia-like behavior – and how we like it! We spit in your faces, but hey, when election time comes around, you have no option but to vote for us.]

Or the party can purge its gay staffers, maybe symbolically burn a few at the stake, and continue to pretend that you can legislate what is permitted to reside in American hearts and minds. Unfortunately, that’s where it looks like we’re headed.

Or you can expose how much pro-homos cover up homo predatory behavior, sexual harassment and violence. Then you can hold all of them responsible. Then you can expose how collusive the media and other pro-homos are in such cases. Then you can teach people that yes, homos do commit all such crimes – and people who say they don’t are just irresponsible and doing a disservice to society. (Given that liberals approach this issue so dishonestly, when we say “homos commit all such crimes,” it is to counter the pro-homo propaganda that homos are only victims in society, not perpetrators. Saying that “homos do not commit violence” is equivalent to saying “heterosexuals do not commit violence” – a tremendous lie, since heterosexuals, bisexuals, and homosexual commit a lot of violence.) Then you can remind people that sticking their head in the sand until one sole perpetrator gets caught only engenders countless other victims without protection, support, or a voice. And it insures that homo (and bisexual) perpetrators are scott free. This is what liberals have instituted as a de facto dynamics in society today. It is their corrupt morality that rules in favor of their obsession to whitewash homosexuality and bisexuality, which is just a consequence of doing the same thing to all the problems in heterosexuality. This is not even where we are headed, it’s where we have been for at least the last 10 years. And it is only getting worse.

The question such irresponsible homo-obsessed liberals can’t ask themselves is how many Foleys are there – and even more grave, how many go from virtual to real? How many have not been caught because no one bothers to investigate? How are you going to know and to stop them if all you do is stick in your head in the sand with the line “homos are just victims and never perpetrators?”

Yes, it seems Americans aren’t ready to ask these questions. Society loves to churn out pretty speeches on the protection of children, but the opposite is true regarding effective action.

Let’s apply the same liberal mentality to terrorism. Suppose the government said, “it is unfair to paint all Muslims with the same terrorist brush, because we know they are not all devils. Furthermore, we will not investigate anyone, because even if just one or two got caught, it is just prejudice to think all of the millions of others are the same. And it would invade their privacy and create a witch-hunt if we did. So we will pretend that they are just two or three rotten apples and we will sit here and do nothing because we are tolerant and nice.”

A sad truth is that millions more adults and minors in the US have been raped, harassed, exploited by homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual Americans than any of the comparative few number of victims of terrorism acts. This is the reality of this sexually liberal society.

No, it seems that is the truth that Americans aren’t ready to face. Specially in these elections.