To conclude for now, can we make a hierarchy of degrees of denial regarding our violent homosexual propagandist society?

1. Homosexuals battering each other
2. Homosexuals abusing children
3. Bisexuals abusing children
4. Homosexuals/bisexuals sexually harassing each other
5. Homosexuals/bisexuals sexually harassing heterosexuals
6. How homos denigrate (homo)sexuality in porn

Of the above topics, the only ones that ever get a minor mention in the cultural sphere of society are the ones where homosexuals can appear as some kind of victims (1 and 4). Although almost completely suppressed, the topic of homosexuals battering each other may rarely appear, but the topic of homosexuals abusing their own children is totally censored.

Evidently, in a diseased liberal society, people are prohibited from using terms that denigrate homosexuals, but homosexuals can denigrate people through their diseased, dysfunctional sexuality culture in porn anytime, just as heterosexuals denigrate humans with and through porn, hip-hop, and what have you. It comes as no surprise that people who are engaged in denigrating humans through porn are among the most ardent supporters of dysfunctional sexualities, i.e., homosexuality.

Society will talk about how homosexuals are harassed (as in being called “faggot”), but it will silence all reports of how homo and bisexuals sexually harass others, including heterosexuals.

It is strikingly clear the enormous bias that exists in society and the huge concerted censorship actions that are carried out in a widespread collective web to keep the false homosexual propagandist ideology going and to keep society ignorant on sexual violence and sexual dysfunctions issues.