I called them ultra-privileged because, I agree with you, with the exception of the Holocaust survivor, how many were tortured out of their minds? None that we know of. Privilege comes in many shapes and forms, money is but one pedestal.

“Cho was a psychotic murderer, and NOTHING that happened to him in his past can justify what it was that he did.”

You misunderstand the point. No one is trying to justify killing innocent people. What people like you don’t like to ask yourselves, however, is the following: take a 4 year-old child and start raping and battering them. What is this going to do to this innocent child, to their entire psychological structure, to their minds? Do you know, Ms. Ladybug? Do you care?

Then you heap on a life of isolation and trauma that develops into mental illness, until one day it gets so bad that the now adolescent or adult blows up people in their way.