Glenn Reynolds’ editorial advocating the above.

On some guy’s blog:
The idea is that if one of the Virginia Tech students had had a gun with him, he could have come to the rescue like Dick Dauntless, and shot the Korean.

Well that’s true. But what if 300 students had guns, and they were all on the look-out for a student with a gun? I’m failing to see the genius of this plan, though no doubt I’ve overlooked something obvious.


All college students should be equipped with live nuclear warheads armed to go off at a moment’s notice. We’re trying to maintain a civilization here, after all.

Rusty Shackleford | 18.04.07 – 3:50 pm | #

Arm up students with guns? Have they met students? It’s barely within their abilities to competently turn up to a 9am lecture, let alone strip, reassemble, load and fire a weapon effectively.

Spirit of 1976 | Homepage | 18.04.07 – 5:38 pm | #

Gad. In the olden days, when i was at University, the most threatening thing that happened was some prematurely balding fool yelling disjointed Marxist theory from the library steps. Why, oh why, did we not have the temerity to shoot the bastard? Those were simple times, and indeed we were simple people.

blockguard | 19.04.07 – 3:02 am | #

I was at university with Gordon Brown.

I must apologies for not taking early action, but Harp lager was only 10p per pint.

However it’s not too late. He purports to support Dancing in the Streets FC. If I ever see the bastard I make amends for my lack of action in the 70s.

Dancing in the Streets | Homepage | 19.04.07 – 11:59 pm | #


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