This article on Slate is so disgusting, that I don’t really feel like expounding on the topic. Except to say that William Saletan reaches the absurd level of trying to equate bestiality to heterosexuality (which he constructs as all bad), and states that it is the opposite of homosexuality (which he constructs as all good). Yes, you read that right.

He does this by selectively picking anything in the characteristics of the bestiality people portrayed and how they related to the animals, and makes it into a resemblance of “heterosexuality,” (which, as we know, is all bad and disgusting). Then he says that from a cultural and emotional perspective, bestiality must then oppose the wonderfulness of homosexuality, because the latter is all good and magnificent — and the opposite of heterosexuality in every way!

At least, because he is equating bestiality to heterosexuality, Saletan spares us the line that the men portrayed in “Zoo” have a bestial gene and anyone who opposes bestiality is full of hate; he does describe the men as profoundly dysfunctional.

“It’s just like if you love your wife.” Another, who calls himself the Happy Horseman, ventures, “You’re connecting with another intelligent being.” But the more the men talk, the more this pretense unravels. “I don’t need a high level of emotional interaction,” says a zoophile who goes by the name Coyote. The Happy Horseman agrees. A horse “has no idea what Tolstoy is, or Keats,” he explains. “You can’t discuss the difference between Monet and Picasso. That just doesn’t exist for their world. It’s a simpler, very plain world. And for those few moments, you kind of can get disconnected.”

In other words, horses are bimbos.

And he has never heard of Gore Vidal who bragged about having reasonably anonymous sex with more than 1000 other homosexuals? And what happens at homo saunas? Oh, these aren’t bimbos, these are faggots, is that why we can’t equate it to the respective homosexuals who have a very disconnected psychology about sexual relations?

No, no – it’s all heterosexual if it’s bad, of course.

It’s just like a gay orgy, except that it’s the opposite.

Like when war is peace, or it’s all equal, except it’s all different. Get it?

The guys aren’t there to have sex with one another. They’re there to have conversation with one another, followed by sex with beasts whose cousins the men regard as barbecue meat. The classlessness of the society in the house conceals its abuse of the society in the barn. Later, the men return from the barn, bonded together in silent triumph. This isn’t a gay party. It’s a frat party.

Because, as you know, there is no such thing as more than two homosexuals ever engaging in sex. And homosexuals and homosexual pornography never portray anyone or anything in a way or context equivalent to “meat.”

But he leaves his greatest show of intellectual strength for the finale: apparently holding an acid grudge against Rush Limbaugh, he then goes to state that very little separates Limbaugh from one of these bestial men!

To Limbaugh, women are just like animals. Don’t take my word for it. Take his. Five months ago, he compared his cat to a girlfriend: “She gets loved. She gets adoration. She gets petted. She gets fed. And she doesn’t have to do anything for it, which is why I say this cat’s taught me more about women than anything my whole life.”

That’s the kind of frat-boy thinking that ends with a bunch of drunken idiots in a barn.

So, yes, we are surprised to hear Saletan hasn’t called PETA et al to raid Limbaugh’s house and rescue the poor cat from the bestial Limbaugh. I mean, talk about steeping low to vilify and mischaracterize a political opponent. And I can’t wait to hear Saletan’s protest on how horrible pornography is, because it does display all these attitudes he described. Maybe when hell, freezes over, that is.

If there is anything very bestial in all of this, it is surely Saletan’s writing.

p.s. Captain’s Quarters has a post worth reading as well.


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