In more of my recent great discoveries on YouTube is a handful of very talented comedians. I don’t have cable now, but even when I did, I didn’t watch the Comedy channel very often, in part, because I didn’t see much on that I actually thought was as funny as some of these clips. (there’s some profanity but it’s not crude sexual stuff)

Steve Harvey – Blacks and the Titanic

Cedric the Entertainer – Gay stuff, but specially Gay animals (at the end of the clip)

Peter Russell – Indian Slaves (that is Indians as from India) will find the link later

Jeff Foxworthy talking about Rednecks is really funny too – but they don’t have any real good clips on YouTube – these are some artificial videos.

And the only time I had previously seen Jamie Foxx was in “Ray” (Charles) , I had been impressed by what I thought was a talented black actor — but now I discover, with some of his “comedy” routines, how misogynist he is, he is such crap. Too bad he got the part on Ray, one more trash of a black man regarding women.