Is there anything not worse than having no scandals? Yes, there is. It’s having scandal prototypes, scandals that are like the bombs that fizzle out at the very last minute and sit there, in silence, staring at you with a smirk. We’re going to cover it all up. Mum’s the word.

Now, I can care less for entertainment celebrity scandals, unless I hate the celebrity and the more they get embarrassed, the better, but the prestigious who are corrupt and unethical – specially if they are famous but a slime in their private life, now there’s where we ought to have our scandals – served on a silver platter, no less.

And what is currently happening? We are having these horrible fizzle-out, severely contained sex/personal-related scandals. Jesus. And the only one that still might turn into something is the Wolfie saga, but there’s very little chance of that. McGreevey’s Dina, pffff. Lord Browne in England and his homo prostitute exploitation habits, it’s been CONTAINED. Not a single word on it anymore anywhere. Isn’t there a smart journalist wanting to get some money fast? Write a tabloid book on it, for Christ’s sake. We got one little article, the guy was brought down, and the lover-rent-boy went into hiding. If he isn’t dead yet 🙂 Maybe he has “insurance” info that he didn’t give to the media – just in case. The Palfrey scandal… nothing (Tobias doesn’t count, it was so ridiculous, when we know there are thousands of names). Any info ABC got, it looks like they prefer to use it next year around October. Mark Foley has disappeared into the shadows. What is the only thing the media must drum on forever? Paris Hilton.

Please. Even in its role of scandal promoters or censors the media establishment ensures to feed us only inanities, insulting our right to know about bigger and better scandals.