Amazing visuals. Amazing demonstration. Superbly organized.

There’s plenty of articles etc. from yesterday, so I won’t link anything here (well, the official site:, except this that I found very special:

a poignant testimony of a French man (Jean-Dominique Bunel) raised by two women with a homosexual problem – in Le Figaro:

He was asked how he suffered by having two women with a homosexual problem as “parents.”

Jean-Dominique: “It was the indifference of adults in regard to the intimate sufferings of children, starting with mine. In a world where their rights are discussed every day, in fact, it is always those adults who prevail. I also suffered from the lack of a father, and having his daily presence, a proper masculine character and behavior, an alterity in relation to my mother and her partner. I became aware of all of this
very early in life. I experienced this absence of a father as an
amputation. ” To which he adds, ” I offer you a testimony, this has no value as a political poll”

And, lastly, he declares, “If the two women who raised me had legally married after the adoption of such a bill (homosexual marriage), I would have launched myself in this fight and I would have filed a complaint against the French government in the the European Court of Human Rights for violation of my right to have a father and a mother. “

Well said, Jean-Dominique. And well done for breaking your silence.


Oh, if you look at the photos from the demonstration and you understand French, you will see some really clever signs and slogans. One of the cutest ones was, referring to babies:

Made in Papa et Mama

And “Touche pas à mon mariage” – that was nice too.