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In a recent thread at Volokh, I encountered perhaps the most currently widespread lie about Hitler: that he hated homosexuals and that he wanted to exterminate homosexuals like he wanted to do so with the Jewish people.

Keating Willcox: Hitler thought of Russians the same as Jews, Homosexuals, and Gypsies.

Hitler most certainly DID NOT. (Himmler did, however).

By all accounts, Hitler had quite a perverse sexuality mind himself, and he was very, very cozy with people with a homosexual problem. So much so, that perhaps what we can call his best friend for years, the immensely powerful SA chief Enrst Rohm, was a virulent homosexual zealot. 

Hitler had known Rohm was a homosexual for a long time, along with several other Nazi men and other Hitler supporters. It was through Hitler’s personal invitation that Rohm got the top spot at the SA. Remember those savage, brutal Nazis (several of whom were homosexuals) with boots and brown shirts? The SA was a political army that protected the party leadership, battled opponents such as the Communist Red Front and terrorized Jews.

The reason for the elimination of Rohm in 1934 has nothing to do with Hitler being opposed to homosexuality. It has  to do with Rohm’s growing power which increasingly loomed as a serious threat to take over even Hitler’s power, putting Rohm in a direct collision course with other top Nazis, such as Goring, Gobbels, and Himmler.

As another example of the monstrosity of homosexual Nazis in Germany, the first Nazi concentration camp was built under the command of Rohm. Yet such information is usually lied about or omitted in current discourses about homosexuals in Germany, which always present only one narrow narrative of the ones sent to the camps.


Randy says in reponse to the above: Nonetheless, the infamous Paragraph 75 made clear that homosexuality would get you a one way ticket to the gas chambers,.

American Jew: “Further, once extermination was decided, the clear and sole targets of the extermination planning were Jews; ”

I would also say Jews were the fundamental target, although maybe not the sole. Homo activists usually just spout anything that can fool people about the real role of homosexuals in Nazi history.

Randy: ”and gays were rounded up with as much enthusiasm throughout the 1930s as were jews and other minorities. ”

Never. Ever.

The number of homosexuals sent to camps is absolutely, ridiculously small compared to the total estimated number of homosexuals in all Nazi dominated countries. Furthermore, many were simply imprisoned for some time, and let go; it is clear they were not there to be exterminated. The Nazis had no big enthusiasm for exterminating homosexuals as they did for Jews, and there is plenty available historical research showing that the motive for sending a considerable number of these homosexuals to the camps was because they were political enemies of the Nazis. The homosexual charge just made it expedient.

Randy: ‘Clearly, you and the Nazi party share the same thoughts about gays as having “problems” and should be shunned by society to some degree’

Did Hitler choose a Jew to be the head of his vicious SA? A Gypsy? No way. He chose a homosexual, who jumped up at the opportunity, because they had been such good friends for such a long time. Let’s not forget that Rohm was a fanatical homosexual like so many current liberals. Before throwing out cheap shots as the one above, we need to highlight just how many homosexuals were in existence among the Nazis and how many people they terrorized, murdered, raped, and tortured. I don’t do that, but Nazi homosexuals did.

And Hitler just loved his homosexual pal Rohm to pieces. So who has more in common with the Nazis after all?

Randy: ‘Clearly, you and the Nazi party share the same thoughts about gays as having “problems” and should be shunned by society to some degree’

Rohm completely normalized homosexuality and wanted to shove it down society’s throat, much like current homosexual activists. Himmler had a few fundamental preoccupations with homosexuals, and, specially after 1934, they intensified. One concern regarded the organization behavior of homos in the SS. As Himmler repeatedly said: homosexuals formed cliques, cliques that would go on to hatch treasonable conspiracies against the state.

(And what happened in the Catholic Church abuse scandal, btw?)

What is good about developing a homosexual psychology? Nothing. I certainly don’t think any person with a homosexual or bisexual mindset was pre-determined by genes to be this way. No one is ever born homosexual. Similarly, I don’t think that a girl who develops anorexia was pre-determined to experience this, nor do I think we should stop researching and asking questions as to why some people develop anorexia. The same for homosexuality. I am not satisfied with simplistic sound-bites to explain human psychological phenomena concerning sexuality, because I know they are not based on knowledge.

Furthermore, it is exactly because homosexuality fundamentalists are stifling research, engaging in smear tactics, and outright lying about numerous issues which involve homosexuals or bisexuals as perpetrators of aggression, violence, or harmful sexual behavior that I will happily continue to expose their egregious lies.

Any suggestion about me wanting to “shun” homosexuals in society is hogwash. We are talking about millions of people who constantly engage in a variety of harmful and violent behaviors against others (although not every individual homosexual does), who are lying about this and playing a most shoddy victim card. It’s not a question of shunning, but of exposing lies and holding them accountable for all the harm they do in society.

Who will take a lead in exposing just how many homosexuals and bisexuals sexually harass other people, how many have perverse attitudes about sexuality, how many engage in domestic violence, abuse, murder, and so on? I haven’t seen homosexuality zealots do this.

From which we conclude that homosexuality fundamentalists not only have a lot in common with Enrst Rohm, they certainly share a lot with Goebbels as well, as purveyors of lies and more lies. But in a way that certainly pleases the audience!


This topic reminded me of a few things I had read in the last few years:


The research seems to reveal that some homosexuals were eliminated if they were a threat to exposing that Hitler’s inner circle was filled with homosexuals. The book, “The Hidden Hitler” written by Lothar Machtan’s was even reviewed by USA Today. Click here to read the article in USA Today. Mactan claims that Hitler himself may have been a homosexual and killed those who sought to expose his secret. The USA Today article reads:

The And of course there is the famous Ernst Rohm, SA chief who Hitler ordered killed, along with many in Rohm’s gay camarilla in the 1934 “Night of the Long Knives.” Between June 30 and July 3, 1934, Hitler ordered the killings of Rohm and some 150 of his SA allies. Tellingly, at the time, Hitler aide Joseph Goebbels said that Rohm and his people “were on the point of exposing the entire leadership of the party to suspicions of shameful and loathsome sexual abnormality.”

Source #1: The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review (Summer 1995) contains an admirably candid review of the book �Hidden Holocaust? by Gunter Grau (in which Schoppmann was a minor contributor):�� Grau and Schoppman conclude that there was no “holocaust” of gays – hence the question mark in the book’s title. �This assessment is based on the wide range of contemporary documents…Grau discounts the current wild estimates of the number of gays killed by the Nazis…

Source #2 Dr. Erwin Lutzer in his book, Hitler’s Cross: The Revealing Story of how the Cross of Christ was used as a symbol of the Nazi agenda writes:

Gay rights activists have held rallies at the museums in Israel and Washington, protesting that they were overlooked in the memorials. This tactic follows the strategy proposed in a homosexual paper,� which advised that gays should “portray themselves as victims, not aggressive challengers. In any campaign to win over the public,” the authors contended, “gays must be cast as victims in the need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector.” (Quoted in Kevin Abrams, “The Lambda Report, August 1994, 8.)

Extensive research by Kevin E. Abrams has revealed that, whereas homosexuals were put into labor camps, they were not targeted for extermination as a class and were treated far better than most other concentration camp victims. Two years after Hitler’s victory, the term “unusual” was purged from the definition of homosexuality in the German Criminal Code. Even gay historian Jonathan Katz reports that, though the police repeatedly apprehended homosexual actors and artists engaged in sodomy, they were not to be arrested.

It would have been strange indeed if the Nazis had singled out homosexuals for special persecution since the movement itself was rampant with various kinds of sexual perversions. Historian Samuel Igra states that Hitler’s initial Brownshirts began as an exclusive homosexual and bisexual organization. Hitler’s personal secretary, Rudolf Hess, was a bisexual known in homosexual circles as “Fraulein Anna”. Homosexuality was rampant in Hitler’s inner circle as well as in the SS, as boys were rounded up from Hitler Youth to participate in sexual orgies. (Quoted in Kevin Abrams, “The Lambda Report, August 1994, 9.)

The attempt to rewrite history by homosexual activists has been met by the International Committee for Holocaust Truth.� Their website states:

The association which has become the International Committee for Holocaust Truth, came together in 1994 in response to a “pilgrimage” to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, made by a small group of mostly American “gay rights” political activists. Their purpose was to demand a place in the memorial for homosexual victims of the Nazis. They were met in Jerusalem by a contingent of outraged Jewish Holocaust survivors. One heartfelt cry from the crowd captured the essence of their grief; “My grandfather was killed for refusing to have sexual relations with the camp commandant,” a man screamed, “You are desecrating this place…” (The Jerusalem Post, May 30, 1994).

The Jerusalem attempt by “gay” activists to place themselves beside the Jewish people as equals in persecution was not the first action of its kind. However, this single event served to crystalize an awareness in the minds of active and concerned members of the Christian and Jewish communities that a historical revisionist movement of frightening proportions had risen in the United States. A situation which had once been common knowledge, that Nazi sadism was intimately linked with homosexuality (so much so that Hollywood movies of the 1950’s frequently portrayed SS camp guards as homosexuals), was now reversed. The villians had become the victims.

Additional reading From the International Committee for Holocaust Truth: 1996 Report #1 http://www.e-z.net/wtv/v-icht-1.htm


the Simon Wiesenthal Center –  Museum of Tolerance online:

While during the war the Nazis combed whole territories to identify Jews and Gypsies, and consigned them for mass extermination, there is no evidence that the Nazi leadership even contemplated -much less undertook -a mass screening of the German male population in order to identify even “hard-core” homosexuals for imprisonment or execution. Nor did the authorities subject all those arrested for homosexual offenses to psychiatric examination, as had been advocated by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in his classic Psychopathia Sexualis (17 editions between 1886 and 1924).22

Ernst Rohm, a blatant homosexual surrounded by other homosexuals in the leadership of the brown-shirted SA storm troopers, had been one of the most powerful, radical, and brutal of Hitler’s followers during the Nazi movement’s rise to power; and Hitler did not turn against him and his associates until their plebeian radicalism had become inconvenient. On 30 June 1934 Hitler ordered the killing of the SA leaders in the socalled Rohm purge.26 While the cause for this bloodletting was political, the widespread knowledge that the SA leadership consisted of virile homosexuals might have aggravated the rivalry between the SA on one side, and the SS and party bureaucracy on the other.

The homosexual SA leaders were accused of corrupting German youth, especially in the Hitler Youth movement.27 The background for this accusation was a work by Hans Bluher that exposed, two decades before the Nazi seizure of power, the pederastic component of the male bonding in right-wing German youth organizations which -in contrast to the British and American Boy Scouts-had an intense and distinctively German undertone of homoerotic affect.28 Moreover, in 1922 Kurt Hiller had estimated that 75 percent of the male homosexuals in Germany sympathized with the parties of the Right, if only because of the physical beauty and virility of their members, while they were repelled by the followers of the Left, who did not meet the same Germanic standards of physical beauty.29

Before the Rohm. assassination, very few cases of homosexuality came up in the Hitler Youth, but afterwards they became shockingly frequent. The reprimand index (Warnkartei) of the Hitler Youth, now in the Berlin Document Center, shows that between 1934 and 1939 about 25 percent of the 4,800 youths expelled from the movement were expelled for homosexuality, in addition to those expelled for “moral offenses,” some of which were basically homosexual. In contrast, only 2.4 percent of the storm troopers were dismissed specifically for homosexuality, and a few others under the vague categories of unworthy or damaging behavior.

Heinz Heger’s memoir, so far the clearest and most complete documentation of homosexual life in the camps, was translated into English in 1980 as The Men with the Pink Triangle. It is unique and indispensable. A 22-year-old university student in March 1939,  he  also tells us something about the homosexual practices in the camps:

The block seniors and Capos, or at least the majority of them, all had a young Pole as batman [orderly] or “cleaner,” though the main purpose of these lads was as bed-partner for their boss…. These dolly-boys, as they were called in certain other camps, were generally from 16 to 20 years old.52


In summary, it is clear that there were numerous homosexuals involved in the early days of the Nazi party as well as its predecessor the Wandervogel.  The fact that several historians  have recorded this indicates that the homosexuals certainly  were not quietly “in the closet.”   SS officers continued throughout the Third  Reich period to molest members of the Hitler Youth.  

Is there some compatibility between fascism and the ideological
core of homosexual political movements, or is this to be
seen merely as a situation in which some of the high-ranking
Nazis just happened to be homosexuals?

The bullying tactics that contemporary gay/AIDS activists — and now pseudo-Rethinkers — have used in attempts to intimidate dissenters along with their tendency to hurl the  accusation “homophobe” around  indiscriminantly need to be considered as we ponder this question.  Are they acting  in the tradition of their Nazi forebears? 

— Michael Wright

On the issue of Hitler’s own sexuality, all I can say is that it was certainly very perverted. I haven’t read enough of the new books that have come out in the last 15 years arguing he had a homosexual psychology to reach any conclusions one way or the other on the issue.

However, the fact that there were a significant number of homosexuals in all layers of the Nazis is undisputed history. They were brutal and grotesque, and many were very comfortable with their homosexuality, as with the idea that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality. This is perhaps the greatest recent historical example that blows to pieces the theory that not accepting homosexuality is a problem for homosexuals or society. Accepting and normalizing all the often perverse and perverted attitudes and desires they have is a much greater harm. And the same goes for bisexuals and heterosexuals. Thus the main reason why so many liberals are desperate to normalize homosexuality, it’s a reflection of their own denial about problems within the personal sphere.

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