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Troubling, but always good to be informed.

Antibiotics Prove Powerless as Super-Germs Spread

About two weeks ago, consumers were alarmed by the results of an analysis of chicken meat by the environmentalist group Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND), which found multidrug-resistant bacteria on more than half of the chicken parts purchased in supermarkets.

The dangerous bacteria have even been detected on one of Germany’s high-speed ICE trains. Likewise, more than 10 percent of the residents of German retirement homes have been colonized by MRSA bacteria. In their case, every open wound is potentially deadly. The pathogens have also been found on beef, pork and vegetables.

Another alarming finding is that about 3 to 5 percent of the population carries so-called ESBL-forming bacteria in the intestine without knowing it. Even modern antibiotics are completely ineffective against these highly resistant bacteria.

And all of this because of disgusting greed. 

These industrial chicken farmers that torture the chickens and infest them with toxic chemicals should just be hanged in a public square. Simple.

The bigger an operation, the more antibiotics are administered to individual animals.  … Last year, North Rhine-Westphalia was also the first German state to systematically investigate the use of antibiotics in chicken farms. The horrifying conclusion was that more than 96 percent of all animals had received these drugs — sometimes up to eight different agents — in their short lives of only a few weeks. “That was the proof that the exception — namely, treating disease — had become the rule,” says Johannes Remmel, a Green Party member and the state’s consumer protection minister.

Some time ago I decided to be really selective about the chicken I ate.

I can’t say that I have completely stopped eating chicken, but I only buy free-range very occasionally to cook at home and only eat it elsewhere infrequently. And just last week, I saw an article (or program) about the fact that the same disease/antibiotic problem applies to the eggs. As if it weren’t obvious, but it had slipped my mind. The problem with eggs is that so many store-bought products use them as ingredients. And the offer for organic products is so small and can be prohibitively expense.

Yes, I know the problem isn’t restricted to chickens, but combined with the veritable torture that is inflicted on them in these industrialized chicken farms, I can no longer eat chicken without seeing the images of the mistreated animals in the farm. Each chicken is kept in a 20sq.cm space the entire time, often in the dark, without sunlight. It’s no different than a concentration camp. This is so nazi and where are the protests? People are so disgusting.

Pigs are usually kept in very small spaces, making them very aggressive and causing them to fight. Their wounds have to be treated with antibiotics.

Well, there goes pork too. 


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