Ah, good news!

And for great news writing, take a look at how the christianpost started their article on the subject!

Free Speech Victory in UK: You May Now (Legally) Insult Me

The British are free to insult each other once again! Amazing as it seems, for over 25 years the use of “insulting words or behaviour” has been a criminal offense in England and Wales. However, on Monday, January 14, the British government agreed to remove the word “insulting” from section 5 of the Public Order Act after a longstanding campaign by civil rights groups.

Although it’s great to make good fun of the issue this way, the issue itself is deadly serious. And UK law was a great and harrowing violation of freedom of speech. I’d never thought I’d be celebrating that I am free to insult, but that’s just where the problem with this law was. Almost anything could be considered an insult, merely on political or ideological differences. And many flawed laws remain throughout Europe:

For example, an “insult” is also considered a criminal offense in countries such as Germany, where it is defined as “an illegal attack on the honour of another person by intentionally showing disrespect or no respect at all.” In other countries, such as Poland or Cyprus, “offending religious feelings” is unlawful and in places such as Austria and Bulgaria, infringing “human dignity” is a criminal offense. As in the U.K., these laws are frequently used to shut down debate. Discussing the Muslim Prophet Mohammed and his marriage to Aisha is certainly off the table in many European countries, as is the Christian view on homosexuality – even if you’re a Bishop.

So, let’s celebrate the change in the law, you morons! 😉