It’s the post sequel, not the movie sequel. I just wanted to comment a little on what it was like watching the movie with a five-year-old. The precious little one was more lost than anything. As best as I tried to explain a million things as the movie was speeding along – and it’s only when you watch it with a five-year-old that you realize that the action and the editing go at a speed 50 times faster than when they weren’t there – I failed most of the time. We got to the end and she had not been able to understand who Steve and Arthur were. Sigh. That was kind of puzzling, because the concept of them being brothers (big and small) and the sons of Father Christmas was certainly within her reach. And I said it like eight times. At least she could understand the reindeers and the sleigh and that there was a little girl whose present they forgot. The spaceship was totally lost on her. Who, what are elves? Aliens and shooting down UFOs – jeez. Just about every joke and concept in the movie was not possible. The characters talk too fast and say too many adult things. Oh well, so it’s a movie that is going to be understood more by children 7 or 8.  As the action zoomed away, this is an example of how things went:

She: They lost a reindeer!

Me: Yes, they did.

She: Why?

Me: (what kind of a question is this?) Because, see, they are only attached there and they come off.

She: Why?

Me: Because that’s how we attach reindeers to the sleigh.

She: Why?

Me: (mental vacuum)