In looking for a comment I had made some time ago on Volokh, I found this one. Volokh has since deleted (or taken off-line) long thread debates on his blog. Fortunately, since I had been frequently targeted with censorship, I saved many of my posts, so I still have them.


How is a society is going to deal with mass, complex problems related to sexuality and personal relationships?

Each component of society has a role to play. Education, media and public campaigns can do wonderful things, but you also need to work on community and individual levels. As I have written before, if you produce millions of dysfunctional, harmful individuals regarding sexuality in society, no law, no police, no authority can ever prevent the great majority of these people from doing harm. Right now, the model of society that we have is one of almost absolute negligence coupled by the promotion of harmful attitudes regarding sexuality.

Let’s take the Lombard case. What would be the right course for society? Prevention. What do we have now? Negligence and collusion. First, because with liberal ideology, people are encouraged to believe that pursuing just about any sexual kick is warranted, especially those outside marriage. Liberal ideology normalizes a host of destructive dysfunctional dynamics regarding sexuality (including, but not limited to homosexuality). Second, liberals encourage people not to criticize dysfunctional and harmful attitudes related to sexuality and relationships, in many ways, for example, by promoting the attitude that “what a person does in their bedroom is nobody’s business;” or by promoting that sexual behavior outside marriage is fine and equal to “freedom,” thus something positive and to be pursued; or by promoting as legitimate any sexual attitude that denigrates people and sexuality, such as porn and S&M.

Therefore any person who is in the course of developing a harmful, dysfunctional mind regarding sexuality is given a green light to continue. Furthermore, they are often empowered by others to be in a position to do harm, which is then often never addressed. Take Lombard. Maybe you believe he was born a homosexual pedophile. I don’t think so. He was born heterosexual and degenerated psychologically along the way. Did anyone intervene along the many years while this perversion of his mind was taking place? Not as far as has been reported, which is what is normal for many cases like his.

Lastly, the state employs enormous and high-tech resources to go after “terrorists,” but does basically nothing comparable to identify the most monstrous sexual abusers. If you look at the stats, there are many more victims of sexual abuse (and of the serious kind) than there are of any terrorist act (physical abuse as well). Who’s the state protecting?