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Marc Paul: Alexandra, you are the only stating that homosexuality is a psychological problem. Professionals who know don’t.


I take it you are not a professional nor can you evaluate what any professional does or says, right? I’m sorry but if you can’t evaluate any professional text or study or research, you could at least have a little self-awareness about how much you can’t understand. I guess that’s asking too much from liberals. You are truly like a deaf person shouting. Are you aware that you are incapable of investigating a person’s psychological dynamics? Do you believe that everyone else is equally incapable?

What you are ignoring is a very large number of professionals who have all investigated how a person’s psychology can get deformed regarding sexuality in every possible way, including homosexuality.

The basis for sexuality is a combination of present emotions, past experiences, social conditioning, trauma, power dynamics, early childhood development, unconscious forces, cultural and ideological attitudes and norms, to name a few.

Desire is elastic, can degenerate, can be perverted, in fact, it can be completely deformed, just as a large core of a person’s psychological dynamics can too.

A person with deep dysfunctional psychological problems will have a dysfunctional sexuality, because the very framework that sustains sexuality in a person’s psyche are largely non-sexual.

For people who may be interested in reading some very interesting work on the dynamics that can produce a homosexuality problem in a person’s mind, take a look at Nicolosi’s work. Anthropological studies showing how people in completely different cultures normalize all kinds of abuse, perverted orientations, and sexual dysfunctions enlighten us as to how plastic human beings are in their psychology about sexuality.