Rod Dreher has a post on Downton Abbey.

Heather says:

I stopped watching the series when I reached the episode where sexual assault is dismissed as completely harmless and trivial, especially given who was doing the assaulting. “I’m different but just as good as you.” And everyone in the household nods their little heads in agreement, isn’t he wonderful, just like us, let’s welcome him with open arms on our team.

Given the England of today, where this represents the attitudes and behaviors pushed in society, not surprising.


commenter wrote: “There is a scene in the first series where Grantham, talking with Matthew Crawley, is quite explicit about how he merely inherited the estate his ancestors had built, and had done nothing to expand it or its financial position and that leading to the position the family/estate is in.”

The way I interpreted the character was that exactly because of this fact, Grantham then feels he has a tremendous load on his shoulder and the responsibility to maintain it. I also liked the little detail of him thinking that his wife didn’t know he married her for money at first, but she knew all along.

One thing that kept irritating me throughout is that the whole family is too nice and chocolate box. What were the odds for such a family to have really existed? On the other hand,  if they had been more realistically nasty, why would I have wanted to watch the series – who needs more real life on TV? In short, the simple truth is that one can never be happy.