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I’ve been keeping a watch on the news concerning the ugly case of Douglas Perlitz.  Although I haven’t read everything that has come out, among many developments, SNAP got involved, and I have no reason to distrust their activism. When the police seized Perlitz’ computer, there was homosexual child porn on it. So much for his denials.

According to the indictment, school volunteers and staff members were afraid to come forward with the allegations because Perlitz controlled the school’s operations and “utilized the fear of unemployment and the difficult economic situation in Haiti.” The indictment alleges Perlitz used his relationship with a religious leader and board members of a fund maintained by the school’s fundraising arm to continue to conceal or try to hide his sexual conduct.

The superseding indictment charges Perlitz with nine counts of traveling outside the United States with the intent to engage in sexual conduct with minors and 10 counts of engaging in sexual conduct in foreign places with minors. Perlitz faces up to 30 years in prison on each charge if convicted.”


FCO: Nine boys — several of whom are identified in Haitian police documents as victims of Perlitz — said in interviews that they were never abused and defended him as a victim of a plot to seize control of the school.

Armed with evidence showing child pornography on Perlitz’s computer, federal investigators dismiss those claims. They maintain those boys either are driven by a misplaced loyalty to Perlitz, or that Perlitz and his supporters may have bribed them to lie. Prosecutors, citing Western Union records, said in court documents they believe Perlitz wired money “to buy the silence” of former students.

The Haiti Fund, the charity that raised millions for Perlitz’s project, is in disarray. Past and current board members — prominent residents of Fairfield and Westchester counties — are locked in a bitter dispute. Some ex-board members say Perlitz has been railroaded. At Fairfield University, where the Campus Ministry’s efforts in Haiti have long been a source of immense pride, an internal investigation is under way to determine the school’s financial relationship with Perlitz.

In June, Perlitz is scheduled to get his day in court.

The only reason that Perlitz is now going on trial is because of the work of one courageous journalist, Cyrus Sibert. And what about all the other Perlitz’s who are in Haiti and all those other poor countries? Who’s investigating them? No one.


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