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(or basically that’s what’s implied with their sentence)

(from Telegraph)

A transsexual who downloaded child pornography has been spared jail after a judge said that time in prison would be an “appalling experience” for her.

She could have been locked up for nine months after being convicted of 14 counts of downloading indecent images of children.

But Judge Lesley Newton chose to suspend the sentence after saying that she would be at risk of attack in prison. Voyce, from Kirkby in Merseyside, is in the process of having a sex change to become a woman. The court heard a stash of indecent images was found on Voyce’s computer by police investigating another allegation.

Four of the 14 images uncovered were at level 4, the second worst category of child pornography, and depicted youngsters being abused.

Voyce claimed she looked at pictures of partly-naked youngsters in a bid to come to terms with her troubled childhood.

She told the trial jury at Manchester Crown Court that she had downloaded child porn by mistake while looking for music on a file sharing site, but was found guilty after an expert performed the same searches in court and found no illegal pictures.



Perhaps Judge  Newton should look at statistics on how many people are raped and molested in jail. And nobody cares because they are heterosexual.

Not only that, what is the crime here? Level 4 of child porn, some of the worst stuff out there.


‘,’If you’re heterosexual and you are raped in jail, that’s just fine — says Judge’,’0′,”,’publish’,’open’,’closed’,”,’if-youre-heterosexual-and-you-are-raped-in-jail-thats-just-fine-says-judge’,”,’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/7889707/Transsexual-spared-jail-because-of-risk-of-attack.html ‘,’2010-07-14 22:00:46′,’2010-07-14 22:00:46′,”,’0′,’http://socimages.blogsome.com/2010/07/14/if-youre-heterosexual-and-you-are-raped-in-jail-thats-just-fine-says-judge/’,’0′) ***38′,’1′,’2010-07-20 14:26:09′,’2010-07-20 14:26:09′,’