What people need to realize is that liberals have normalized a variety of harmful views, concepts, and attitudes about sexuality, including homosexuality, promiscuity, prostitution, and spreading diseases with impunity, all of which have a disastrous effect on both young people and adults.

Sexual assault, manipulation, and exploitation of young people are real problems in society, and there are a variety of homosexual and bisexual perpetrators of all ages, who would greatly welcome the opportunity to be in an organization where it would be easy for them to act out their predatory or exploitative sexual feelings.

Liberals are gleefully throwing under the bus all the youths who will be sexually assaulted and molested by homosexuals in this future BSA. And there will be cover-ups, just like in the Catholic Church, and just like at Penn State, or just like in the cases of the myriad of homosexual/bisexual coaches and teachers who exploited or abused boys that have come to light, because society hasn’t changed much in this respect. Witness the comments around the net about the BSA. It’s all about the “gays” and not about the kids.

What will happen when someone with a homosexuality agenda is told of a supposed incident involving a homosexual teen? They will say  it’s all lies, all prejudice, it’s the people who make the accusations who are bad… And that, in the case the boy victim is courageous enough and supported enough to make accusations. Since people who sexually exploit and harass others usually target their victims based on vulnerability, many of the victims will not be in a position to fight back, especially from  a psychological standpoint. Furthermore, in case it’s not obvious, that is letting a boy be abused by a homosexual to then say, “oh, how terrible” – but it’s the adults who set up the system to let it happen in the first place.

It turns my stomach that this is what people with a homosexuality agenda want to inflict on innocent boys. At the same time, they would never let young men be the leaders for girls – and the reason is very simple: it’s a measure of protection for the girls.

Can any person in society identify who the people who are currently abusing children are (hetero or not)? Can anyone identify who the homosexuals and bisexuals abusing children are? You can’t – they are closeted. And yet, you want to shove a number of these closeted homosexual abusers onto boys – including letting them have a lot of access to vulnerable boys. The people with a homosexuality agenda will gleefully play the part of Joe Paterno in the BSA.  Deny that there is a problem of sexual harassment and abuse in society, deny that homosexuals and bisexuals of all ages do harm and violence in society.

It’s not just the most serious kind of sexual assault that I’m talking about either. How about if a homosexual teen forces a kiss on another boy? “Oh, that’s just part of adolescence,” liberals will say. I’ve seen that happen when a homosexual man forced himself onto a 18 yr old. “That’s just gays being gays – my son shouldn’t have gotten mad at the gay man who shoved his mouth on my boy,” I was told by the mother of the 18 yr old.   Or how about the real case of a homosexual scout leader who constantly said he and the boys needed to practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Is anyone going to police what’s happening with every single individual in the BSA? No. If society is incapable of preventing the most abhorrent abuses by homosexuals today (James Rennie, Frank Lombard, plus all the other victims who have tried to commit suicide) – what’s going to happen in the BSA? And as I said, it will then be too late. You cannot turn back the clock and prevent the boys in question from being molested, assaulted, and violated. But what do liberals care? They must force homosexuals and homosexuality as normal and if, among homosexuals, there are many who are perverse, tough luck. For the boys, that is. Because the people shoving the dysfunctional homosexuals onto the boys are very safe and very privileged.

Juveniles account for more than one third of those known to police to have committed sex offenses to minors. It turns my stomach that a large swath of society is oblivious to the fact and will not protect boys. A homosexual agenda is a very destructive ideology indeed.