quote: “The public opinion on marriage equality is changing because opposition to equality is rooted entirely in fear, hatred and ignorance.”

rr says: Public opinion is changing on this issue because frankly the majority of the American public substitutes emotion for thinking. The fact of the matter is that heterosexual couples can do something by themselves, without involving an outside party, that is absolutely essential for the survival of mankind, namely reproduce, while homosexual couples cannot. Infertility is a bug for heterosexuals; it is a feature for homosexuals. This means that in nature, heterosexual and homosexual couples simply aren’t the same and they are by no means equal. In other words, your real problem is that mother nature is “homophobic” and reality is heteronormative. In terms of equality, it doesn’t really matter how all of this plays out in politics or public opinion. Homosexuals will never be equal to heterosexuals.

Chairm added at FT:

The nature of humankind is two-sexed, not one-sexed, and upon this all past, present, and future generations arise.


So nicely put!