From a TAC thread on the CC abuse scandal – More On Benedict’s Resignation By Rod Dreher


As the National Catholic Register’s reporter Wayne Laugesen points out, the federal report said 422,000 California public-school students would be victims before graduation — a number that dwarfs the state’s entire Catholic-school enrollment of 143,000.

What are socons/Catholics doing to enable these students to sue/obtain other forms of redress and what are they doing to attack and dismantle the thousands of respective cover-ups?

Sure, we can have more media attention on this and it is very important. But there is more work to be done than that.

And, especially, regarding information, what needs to be investigated that is purposefully covered up by the (mostly liberal) MSM is any information about the perpetrators: are they liberal/libertarian or socon? Are they in favor of normalizing homosexuality, hookups, porn, etc.? What can be known about their sex lives?


The best available study suggests that about 10 percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse during their school careers. In the 2000 report, commissioned by the American Association of University Women, surveyors asked students between eighth and 11th grades whether they had ever experienced inappropriate sexual conduct at school. The list of such conduct included lewd comments, exposure to pornography, peeping in the locker room, and sexual touching or grabbing. Around one in 10 students said they had been the victim of one or more such things from a teacher or other school employee, and two-thirds of those reported the incident involved physical contact. If these numbers are representative of the student population nationwide, 4.5 million students currently in grades K-12 have suffered some form of sexual abuse by an educator, and more than 3 million have experienced sexual touching or assault. This number would include both inappropriate romantic relationships between teachers and upperclassmen, and outright pedophilia.

These statistics are uncertain, however, because no one has ever designed a nationwide study for the expressed purpose of measuring the prevalence of sexual abuse by educators. The Departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services can’t agree on whose domain teacher sexual misconduct falls into, and <b>Congress has shown little appetite to spend money on the issue</b>.

Congress – and certainly Obama. That’s because most people who proclaim to be against juvenile abuse really aren’t. And as we know, liberals have more important goals in life like persecuting people who question their homosexuality agenda than investigating or doing something about the millions of cases of teacher sexual misconduct.

See also for a review of the main studies: