Two comments of mine from a thread at TAC – Janis Ian & Orson Scott Card
“And speaking of my partner… Scott has never treated my relationship, or my partner, with anything but the utmost respect. We’ve been welcomed into his home, invited to his childrens’ weddings, sent announcements of births and deaths – all to both of us, as a family unit. His children regard us as a family unit, and I’ve never heard or felt the slightest breath of censure from any one of them.”

I haven’t had time to read anything from Card, except the latest threads here, but, if he had seemed quite coherent before, with this description, he now seems crazy and certainly not a devout Mormon, unless “devout Mormon” now means thinking that homosexuality is normal and in-born, and that sex outside marriage in all its forms is traditional Mormonism. What else, gay porn and gay saunas, as well? The only way you can claim to be religious within any traditional religion and simultaneously endorse a homosexuality agenda is by corrupting the respective religion.

I don’t know if that’s Card’s views at all or if there is another explanation. But to think that there is nothing wrong or dysfunctional with homosexuality and then claim that homosexual marriage doesn’t make sense lacks total coherence in my view. Once you are down the normalization road, any attempt at rational argument is over.

What people with a homosexuality agenda want is to be free from any and all kind of criticism or censure about sexuality – especially in all its harmful aspects. Everyone must submit, everyone must applaud.

Otherwise, it’s the critics who are labeled “crazy.” You know, submit to the dominant, liberal sexuality party line or it’s off to the liberal whipping post for being a “homophobe”  and questioning the wisdom of millions of MTV and porn-fed 20 yr olds.


I have no pretense at interpreting religion for others, but although “On evidence from the Gospels, Christ broke bread with sinners all the time,” He did not live in silence about sin, submitting and applauding at everything that everyone else did, and treating all attitudes and behaviors around him with “utmost respect.”

Rod Dreher wrote: “I don’t quit loving my friends because they do or believe things that I find morally objectionable, and I hope they extend the same love to me.”

If I am doing something that is dysfunctional and harmful, I don’t want people, especially my friends, to applaud and encourage me down that road, because that’s not love.

I was recently talking to a guy that is very enthused about working as a defense lawyer to mafia criminals. This man is certainly no crook himself, and is someone who is quite “normal,” except he has some very warped ideas regarding this topic. Exactly because he has many good qualities and is involved in other “normal and good” activities, I did not simply cut off all interaction with him. But I asked him about  the moral basis for his lawyerly intentions, trying to make him examine his views. And that was followed by being told  how he was merely rationalizing to himself his reasons, because they were seriously problematic. My goal was not to censure him to the point that he would not talk to me again, but I wasn’t going to remain silent in the face of something so problematic. Not with the goal of dismissing the issue in the future either. And if he comes to do this kind of work, there is a good chance that it will erode the basis for any other friendly exchanges between us.

That is exactly the function of a community. If no one ever expresses censure or criticism about anything, which is what people with a homosexuality agenda want to enforce, why would people who are intent on being sexually dysfunctional and harmful have any bearing or motivation to re-examine their attitudes and views?

By being told that everything they think and do is OK? That is exactly what affluent, modern society wants – no accountability regarding dysfunctional sexuality and relationships.

And complete lack of censure is how liberals define being “good,” have you noticed? You must clap and you must submit to everything, otherwise you’re a Bad person. It’s like the manipulation of a three year old that does not want to be censured when they do something wrong, but with very destructive adult consequences.