From a thread at The American Conservative – Rod Dreher

Consequences1: Or do you embrace the pedophile who rapes three-year-old girls as “heterosexual like you”?

That is part of the issue. Have you noticed that people always say “heterosexual pedophile,” but never “homosexual pedophile”? We are constantly hearing the liberal lie that  “homosexuality  has nothing to do with pedophilia”.
But it does, just like heterosexuality has to do with pedophilia and ephebophilia. People’s minds are not these rigid little divisions like liberals stupidly conceive of. There is no way that you will find a man or woman with a healthy adult sexuality that also abuses children. It doesn’t mean abusers will also abuse adults. But his or her mind is not two little separate boxes, one for adults, one for children, and even though he may only abuse kids, his mind on the whole is not going to be healthy in many other aspects.

And that brings us to the question of how different are the so-called pedophiles and a variety of  so-called non-pedophiles?
I mean, when you see someone like the homosexual Peter Tatchell advocating for the age of consent to be 14 yrs of age, do you call him a homosexual pedophile or do you call him a gay activist? A man who likes to be promiscuous with adults or to adolescents, what’s so different? And if they sexually harass an adult or an adolescent, what’s so different? What about an adult who enjoys people being degraded through porn? Is that so entirely different than an adult that enjoys degrading kids through porn?

Thanks to liberals, who think that adolescents must have sex from an early age, any adult who feels desire to have sex with them cannot then be considered predatory, exploitative, or dysfunctional, but normal. “Born that way,” I suppose.