A comment to Rod Dreher, when he facetiously “rebelled” that they killed one of his favorite characters in the Downton Abbey series, so he said if the author killed any more, he’d stop watching…

(The comment wasn’t allowed, but I didn’t put it in my “censored” blog, because it was probably just a question of thread detournement….)


Well, look at it on the bright side!

You can now switch to watching Girls (recommended accessory: airsick bag at your side). This show puts on display how the “evolved” of our times think about sexuality and relationships.

In other words, it’s a display of one garbage of an attitude after another. What’s sad is that for so many young people, that is what is Normal. They know nothing else than garbage when it comes to sexuality and relationships. And sex for them is defined by one word only, the F one. I’ve watched the first few episodes, plus read a couples reviews. It’s often like soft porn in content (dysfunctional and dehumanized as cool), except the very explicit sexual details are cut off.

Needless to say these girls have normalized homosexuality, promiscuity, porn, STD spreading, adultery, and kink as from the day they were born – this is what is promoted as “cool” and as the norm for “evolved” young adults. Yet the “evolution” these girls have gone through is pornographying themselves; and they have no alternative, competing model.

What is plain to see is that liberals have no awareness of how much they lack quality. It’s clear that the first thing that goes in a “tolerant,” “anything goes” society is quality. The more they go down their “lack of quality” hole, the more they claim to be progressing.

This is why there is no dialog between the two camps. Either you destroy relationships and sexuality claiming that you are normal and cool or you refute the trash.