Lyn Calerdine said: “Even if not enforced, these laws made all gay people potential criminals, effectively making them second class citizens.”

Out of their own deliberate choice. I don’t know the details of all these laws but the few I know about don’t apply just to two men. They are applied to anybody who engages in certain kinds of behavior.

But the point is: people with a homosexuality problem who normalize it, do it deliberately. They refuse to take responsibility for their psycho-sexual problems and resolve them.

Orson Scott Card is actually saying that the shaming principle (See “The Positive Power of Shame”) should be applied to push them in the direction of taking responsibility for their problems.

But no, modern liberal society is sustained by the belief that  no one has any psychological problem regarding homosexuality, therefore no one needs to take responsibility for anything, people should just act out their dysfunctional psychologies incessantly – the APA said so, that’s Science, and Science is NEVER wrong. And anybody who questions this is a bigot, aka KKK member, Holocaust denier, spreader of calumnies, and ignorant. The wise reader will note just how sophisticated modern liberal thought is.

Modern liberal society believes that  people are born psychologically and sexually dysfunctional, perverse, and perverted in basically any area of sexuality. Modern liberal society largely believes that an inexistent gene causes homosexuality, even though their precious Science That Is Never Wrong has never found such a gene and every attempt has been shown to be – uh – wrong.

Given that modern liberal society, in reality, largely sustains its beliefs based on what feels good, that is, emotion, and not Science, they believe that people who have a homosexuality problem are poor, helpless little creatures who can do nothing but pursue any kind of sexual garbage that pops up in their minds. No matter how disoriented, perverse or perverted, they just can’t help it and they can never be responsible for anything. Therefore, it’s only right that everybody should bow down to accept everything they claim and do – otherwise, they are being treated as “second-class citizens.” Moreover, they are the absolute authorities on sexuality, because according to liberals, the more dysfunctional a person is, the more of an authority they are – and anyone who disagrees can only be, as you know by now, a KKK member, Holocaust denier, spreader of calumnies, and ignorant.

Orson Scott Card is simply not buying this nonsense.  In his view, people are accountable for their choices, their ideology, their attitudes, and their behaviors. I would add that people are responsible for investigating and resolving their psycho-sexual-relational problems.

And society shouldn’t play Joe Paterno when it comes to covering any kind of harm done by LGBT people or by people pushing a homosexuality agenda. That is, society has a role to play in demanding a wholesome set of attitudes and behaviors regarding sexuality and relationships, and in certain cases, there may be laws that help to guide people in this direction.

I’d be curious to know what OSC thinks of the new laws in Russia.