I found this to be a very keen observation. And it does not bode well for the future. (best point in article related to the media coverage of the marathon bombings:)

Media, old and new, takes heat for Boston coverage

Marcus Messner, a communications professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, said the rash of mainstream media errors stemmed at least in part from pressure to compete with fast-flowing social media.

“If you look at Twitter, the news snippets on the events are a lot more advanced than what you’re seeing on websites or even what you’re seeing on the air,” Messner said. “Twitter, especially, has put a lot more pressure on news organization to get it out fast.”

In other words, old media already functioned in a careless way when any crisis erupted, to take advantage of the public’s short but heightened attention span; now they will move into even faster gear to compete with the Internet para-media commentary and articles (blogs, facebook, etc.) and other forms of instant communication like Twitter. This faster mode will certainly mean they will try to make up stories out of nothing concrete in a much more intense way. Which then just gives them more fodder to go back and correct everything they said wrong in the first place, as “updates.”