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A comment on why the MSM insists on using the term “pedophile” to describe priests in the Catholic Church abuse scandal, given that 80% of the cases brought to justice have been for pederasty or homosexual ephebophilia sexual abuse.

Firstthings thread comment:

“suek: However the press doesn’t want to “tar” homosexuals and it _did_ want to tar Catholic priests, so it uses the more objectionable term [pedophile over pederast].”

It’s not that the press doesn’t want to “tar” homosexuals. The press is actively lying about and covering up most cases of violence that involves a homosexual perpetrator, whether it concerns minor sexual abuse, sexual harassment, dysfunctional parenting, domestic violence or other types of adult violence. The press usually does not outright lie, although the case of calling priests “pedophile” instead of “homosexual” in just about every headline, is a considerably manipulative way of misleading the public, given the high number of homosexual abuse cases in the Church scandal.

What is much graver is the fact that the press is seriously lying by omission or trivializing data concerning violence and other harmful behaviors perpetrated by homosexuals (or bisexuals). Specially if the question involves heterosexuals or minors as victims, then the propaganda machine goes into full gear. In this way, they are coddling a large number of perpetrators.

In the media, and in popular and political discourse, we observe an emphatic reinforcement of a “victim” stereotype for homosexuals. To a large degree, concerning bisexuals, there is a different, largely popular attitude, an invisibility of the entire category of bisexuals, more than the hammering of the victim stereotype.

If you look at the mass media and popular discourses on homosexuals and homosexuality, homosexuals are often portrayed in an extremely simplistic way, as gentle, benign creatures, oppressed by the horrible conservatives who don’t accept and normalize their homosexuality.

“All they want to do is love each other,” is a very popular meme. Another one is that “homosexuals aren’t violent (in any way),” “most child abusers are heterosexuals (to the point of implying that homosexuals are thus practically incapable of abusing children), “homosexuals do not sexually harass anyone, specially heterosexuals,” “a large number of homosexuals are driven to suicide because their homosexuality is not accepted, (thus, not only are they are more at risk of death by suicide than other vulnerable groups),” “homosexuals are in considerable personal danger everywhere because of the threat of ‘hate’ crimes, (and not because of how violent they are themselves to other homosexuals)” “homosexuals are discriminated against, but do not discriminate against others,” etc.

In our society, we find that all three categories of sexual orientation (hetero, bi, homo) perpetrate all kinds of violence related to sexuality and personal relations. However, while society has come (after a long fight to crack its thick denial walls) to recognize that heterosexuals abuse children, batter spouses, rape and sexually harass women in large numbers, we observe an intense public misinformation campaign that suggests that homosexuals basically never commit such crimes and the bisexual category is never even usually mentioned in popular discourse.

Taking minor abuse as an example, how does this impact cases of real abuse against children? If it is already a nightmare to bring to justice any case of child abuse, and get justice for it, then it becomes even more dire if the perpetrator is held by the public to be basically incapable of committing the crime, and, furthermore, the propaganda reaffirms that any suggestion of such a violent incident is due to “homophobia.” The same is true for sexual harassment, rape, and domestic violence. For example, the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project reports estimates of one in four homosexual men suffering domestic violence.

The graver consequence of reinforcing a stereotype of non-violent victims for a population that clearly includes a large number of perpetrators of aggression and crimes is that you victimize every single REAL victim of all this violence. The media and “gay” activists do form a profoundly irresponsible and damaging force in society, because as everyone knows, silence and denial about aggression and violence only further severely damage the victims, ensure the harmful dynamics continue unaddressed, and they give a green light to further violence by the perpetrators.

Given that public resources are limited, and are employed to deal with different violence problems in society in part due to a hierarchy of cultural values, this is another way that spreading lies and myths about violence can and often hurts the victims who have less power in society, less organized lobbies, less millionaire coffers to buy their influence, change laws that affect them, etc.

Isn’t there a compelling state interest to stop lying about who is violent in society? This systematic cover-up homosexual activists and the media engage in is profoundly corrupt.


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