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Schools ramp up the war on traditional Christian beliefs


6:06 p.m., Friday, July 23, 2010

Students also are subject to official sanction for intellectual heresy. Twenty-four-year-old Augusta State University graduate student Jen Keeton was given the choice between attending a “gay sensitivity” training course or being expelled. Miss Keeton‘s crime in the eyes of the bureaucracy was saying that homosexuality was a lifestyle choice, not a “state of being,” as the politically correct doctrine asserts. Miss Keeton was instructed to go through a “remediation” program that included sensitivity training, studying pro-homosexual propaganda and attending a “gay pride” parade and reporting on it. Presumably, the report would have to be favorable. Failing this, she would be expelled from the university‘s graduate counselor education program.

Miss Keeton made it clear that her views on homosexuality are rooted in her Christian ethical convictions, which the school felt was part of the problem. “Christians see this population as sinners,” university official Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley told Miss Keeton, while making clear the student would “not be able to successfully complete the remediation plan and thus complete the ASU counseling program unless she commits to affirming the propriety of gay and lesbian relationships.” The university argues that the counseling profession’s code of ethics requires counselors not to impose their ethical frameworks on the people they are trying to help. School administrators obviously see no irony in forcing Miss Keeton to bow to their views, while simultaneously arguing that for Miss Keeton even to hold divergent opinions – much less express them – is unethical. The persecuted student is suing the school for violations of her rights to free speech, freedom of religion and equal protection.

Miss Keeton is to be commended for standing up for her rights. For too long, university administrators acting without oversight and senior professors shielded by tenure have imposed a blanket left-wing orthodoxy on college campuses that penalizes independent thinking and victimizes free-thinking students and nontenured faculty. More lawsuits like this will serve notice that this form of discrimination will not be tolerated. The American mind has been in chains for far too long, and it is time for them to be broken.



From ADF:

ADF attorneys filed the complaint and a motion for preliminary injunction in Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley with the U.S. District Court for the District of Georgia. ADF is currently litigating a similar case involving a counseling student at Eastern Michigan University and successfully resolved a case at Missouri State University. Also in litigation is a case involving a Georgia counselor fired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because she would not agree to affirm homosexual behavior as morally acceptable.



Everyone imposes their moral values on Keeton and then turn around and say she can’t work in accordance to (her) moral values. What is the good of counseling if it is based on working within a framework that lacks moral values? What is the goal of counseling in the first place?

“She was told to attend workshops to improve her sensitivity towards homosexuals, to complete remedial reading, and to write papers describing the impact of such measures on her beliefs.”

So, if she does all this and does not change her beliefs, she will be expelled, won’t she? Because of her beliefs. Hall also stated that the remedial plan was apparently imposed not because of Keeton’s beliefs, but because she exhibited “an inability to counsel in a professionally ethical manner – that is, an inability to resist imposing her moral viewpoint on counselees – in violation of the ACA [American Counseling Association] Code of Ethics.” Given that there is nothing about sexuality that is not ideological, and, consequently, much less devoid of moral terms, no one who disagrees with Keaton’s beliefs is acting in such a “professionally ethical manner” either, because they are all imposing their (im)moral viewpoints to frame the counseling objectives and actual exercise thereof. Thus, in a society which has normalized homosexuality, and posits this normalization against *morality* and *religion*, having both moral and religious frameworks for life or work is now deemed an offense, an injurious and wrongful position, when not a malpractice or a crime. Lastly, on a side note, I think it is interesting that they didn’t recommend she attend a counseling section for people with a homosexual problem who do not want to have a homosexual problem, and are looking for a therapist to help them.


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