In Germany, a man with a homosexual problem, Markus K., has fathered 24 children so far – by donating his sperm to women with a homosexual problem (link to article below*):

In Germany, a recent court ruling has gutted the framework of anonymity in which many sperm donors have operated. A regional court ruled that a child’s desire to know her biological father trumped his desire for anonymity, and left some legal question as to whether such children are entitled to inheritance rights. But K. and the women to whom he donated are open about their children’s paternity. “I think it’s a child’s right to know its biological parents,” he said.

But, he and the mothers have come up with a way to make sure that both mothers have parental rights: K. told the German paper that he is listed as the birth father on each child’s birth certificate, and then gives the child up for adoption to its co-mother after eight weeks, allowing both mothers to be legal parents to their children. He sees many of his offspring on a regular basis.

But, with two more children on the way, K. is thinking he might soon retire as a sperm donor. “If the two babies, who are already on the way, are born, I’ll have 12 girls and 12 boys. That’s balanced, a good tally. I’ve promised five other women children. Then I’ll stop, it’ll be enough.”


These people are embracing a new concept of what being a father is: “he sees many of his offspring on a regular basis.” I guess for the others, they don’t see him, and it doesn’t matter either. Either seeing a child for an hour a month is now “being a father” or actually “being a real father” does not matter anymore for people with a homosexuality problem.

Then there was this: he has fathered 24 children, he is never with most of them, he is never a real father to them, and he now thinks “that’s enough.” Isn’t that thoughtful of him?

If he isn’t a father to these 24 children, why not 50, 70, or 100?

As we can see, not content with normalizing their perverted sexuality, people with a homosexuality problem must pervert and destroy marriage, and now also, the very fundamental role of parenting.

He gives NO thought to what he is doing to any of these children. And, what’s even more interesting, according to him, who is the victim in this whole story? Himself!

He claims to be a victim because he wasn’t allowed to become a priest (!). And why? Because of those meanie conservatives that have ethics and principles when it comes to sexuality and relationships.

Can you imagine this guy as a priest? Another priest prone to seduce vulnerable teenage boys (as the great majority of sexually abusive priests in the CC scandal were – homosexual men), or to have orgies with other dysfunctional priests, or to get caught with a prostitute or a nun in the end. Fortunately, one less pink mafia pig in his targeted church.

He even admits that all this fathering obsession might be a way for him, in his deformed mind, to get an emotional revenge at the Church. He stated something like,”I was not allowed be a priest, but I can reproduce myself as often as I want. There!”

Obviously he doesn’t consider what he is doing to any of the children. That’s the kind of priest he would have made.

And obviously, no one encourages him to go investigate the mountain of underlying problems he has regarding sexuality and relationships – in order to resolve them – and live his life as he was born to be, a heterosexual human being.


*Seminarian expelled for being gay became a sperm donor for lesbians constrained by anti-gay donation rulesMegan Carpentier The Raw Story


Re this Der Spiegel article – linked in above article:

Papa Ed: The Busy Life of a Prolific Sperm Donor By Barbara Hardinghaus

In this article, the other thing that struck me as profoundly appalling was the fact that it is legal (or at least allowed) that a man will have sex with a woman in exchange for his sperm.

So the woman prostitutes herself to get the sperm – she gets paid “in sperm” instead of getting paid some cash! How gross.

These are liberals – the people who normalize homosexuality. They debase in every way the way that intimate relations and sex can be construed for human beings.

as K. makes reference to, that many private sperm donors — even for lesbians — “donate” in exchange for sex with the donees, as referenced in a 2012 article in Der Spiegel about a Dutch man, Ed Houben, who had fathered 82 children by the time of publication, some with lesbians.

From Der Spiegel:

Just like all of Ed’s children, Max has his round indented chin and large feet. The children usually have their mothers’ eyes. They are still young, but as they get older they’ll start asking questions, and they’ll want answers. Perhaps they’ll want a closer relationship with him, a more loving relationship. Or maybe they’ll want financial support.

When asked whether he worries about such things, Houben answers: “About what?”

If they’ll all show up on his doorstep one day, he says, “it’ll be what I wanted” And if they all want money from him, he says, he simply won’t have any. Certainly not enough for 84-plus children.

What is there to worry regarding the rights of children to a father or to a loving heterosexual couple? Children have no rights according to people with a liberal/homosexuality agenda.

Moreover, it’s plain to see the guy is completely emotionally messed up – serious arrested development there regarding establishing relationships with women. In addition to how he shows no responsibility or thought about the children he’s fathering. It’s all about trying to resolve his own rejection problems with women.

And if there was a common characteristic about all the women wanting the sperm in this story is that they showed a complete failure in establishing a wholesome, long-term relationship with a man. Now, I’m not saying that it must be all their fault – who knows what kinds of men they have searched for or came across in their lives?

But then, this generation that normalizes homosexuality, who is largely liberal, often adopts values and attitudes that destroys the principles for heterosexual marriage (by normalizing hookups, porn, etc.). So even in the case of a woman who wants to find a good, social conservative husband, where can she find such a man? I know of several women who cannot.

Although, in the article, by the profiles and information regarding the women seeking donors – aside from the homosexual ones – we would assume they are equally liberal and equally lacking good attitudes about marriage themselves. But there isn’t enough information to know more about them. Every bit of information in the article concerning the type of relationships that these women have points to problems. What are the attitudes about sex and relationships that these women have? And the men they have been with? These are questions that cannot be overlooked.

People with a homosexuality agenda must deform everything. They have become like some weird baby factories, where not a single baby is the product of love of its mother and father. Not a single one, because it’s impossible given their deformed minds.

Even when the subject refers to heterosexuals, it’s not all that different. Although, under exceptional circumstances, single heterosexual individuals can certainly raise kids from artificial means of conception, and be entitled to it, and do it lovingly, it’s not what we should strive to establish as normal.