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The Road to Tyranny, NOM Marriage News

May 16, 2013 at 4:55 pm
Among the points made in this blog article about the abuses of the IRS persecuting social conservative organizations – such as NOM – the authors also point out that the goal of people with a homosexuality agenda is to shut down all other points of view. And that is a cultural form of tyranny. While the title of the blog article is referring to a tyranny by the IRS, there is a much graver form of tyranny, which is not judicial, it’s not just legal – it is a cultural tyranny. Every criticism, every question must be censored and excluded from the public and/or social sphere of society.

IRS agents acted like the law doesn’t matter. Decency doesn’t matter. Diversity doesn’t matter. The rights of your fellow citizens, friends, neighbors and family to participate in democracy—even if they disagree with you—doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting to your enemies and shutting them down any way.

A piece published this week in the prestigious The Atlantic, coauthored by David Montez of GLAAD (a major gay advocacy organization), openly laid out their goals for America, their vision of America: a place where your views never get heard: “But even today, anti-LGBT activists, who continue to wrongfully state that gay people are unfit to be parents, have a platform in the media to spread their lies. We have a long way to go before groups like the National Organization for Marriage are no longer routinely invited to provide ‘balance’ on national cable news programs.”

(Note how they transform the idea that children ideally need a mom and dad, to the idea that gay people are “unfit” — not what we say of course — but the truth is not relevant to a determined, aggressive campaign designed to silence your opponents and treat them as bigots.)

Let’s play with labels a little. If socons are anti-gay or anti-LGBT, then gay agenda folks are anti-socon. So we arrive at the following: anti-socon activists claim that anti-LGBT activists claim that LGBT people are unfit to be parents. Are you with me? Well, as NOM says above, this is not what they claim.

But now this means that anti-socon activists claim that LGBT individuals are fit to be parents, and since they also claim that heterosexuals are also fit to be parents, the obvious corollary is that everyone is fit to be parents – which is a patent lie.

So this brings us to the question of what does it mean to be fit to be a parent? But I’d like to address that in another post.

What I want to ask here is, more basically, what are LGBT fit for?

I posted the question with one part of the answer at this NOM thread, which was followed by the usual trolling and name-calling (scary, bestial,  demonic, having no common decency and a sense of propriety!) by homosexuality activists who post at NOM.

As can be seen by the reactions on the thread – we can add another answer to the question “what are LGBT fit for?” and that is verbal, nasty abuse.

And why all this verbal abuse, this bullying, and this virulence from the deformed homosexuals and their supporters?

Ah, I posted a link to a gay bar. I committed the greatest crime for homosexual agenda proponents: I contradicted the narrative – simply by linking to a few pictures. And you know what a crime that is! Anyone who exposes LGBT reality must be viciously attacked by these sexually deformed bullies -those who are instituting a tyrannical sexuality culture that is particularly perverted. Therefore, anyone who questions this sexually violent and depraved culture is bullied, persecuted, offended, and harassed.

My first comment asked:


Alessandra Posted May 16, 2013 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

And yet, the question must be asked: what are they [LGBT people] fit for?


What an ugly world.

Isn’t this one of the many, many LGBT realities that the narrative of homosexuals wanting homosexual marriage covers up? How deformed are LGBT individuals? Why are they the way they are? Of course, they hate research regarding their psychology because every time a serious therapist investigates homosexuality, they find profound underlying psychological and cultural problems.

Imagine a little baby girl being given to two such homosexual pigs, who are so deformed they cannot have a wholesome intimate relationship with a woman.

I think it’s funny that homosexual men in such bars call others bigots any time we question how dysfunctional these men (and women like them) are. They shout slurs if anyone suggests they are unfit.

And these are the men who want to have power over boys in the BSA.

It’s these kinds of realities that Americans don’t want to face exist.


  1.  Richard Posted :

    Alessandra, you are truly one scary individual and your preoccupation with the likes of the site you share is indicative more of your proclivities and less the larger gay population getting married, raising families and settling in as responsible community citizens. How deformed are you? This is how you entertain yourself at night? This, then is your reality, your world. You own it.

  2.  peter Posted :

    Richard, the word you’re looking for is bestial.

  3.  AlessandraPosted :


    I don’t follow you. Are you saying these men are perverted, deformed, bestial? Are they in any way different than you and peter?

    If the majority of men in society were like this, would that change how perverted they are? Isn’t that your theory? “If many millions of men are like this, then it’s normal and anyone who questions it is a bigot! ”

    Don’t you want people to know the reality of LGBT individuals? As we can see, there is your narrative, and then there is reality.

    And in case we need to remind you, the numbers of homosexuals who got homosexual marriage in countries where it was legalized is extremely small. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of homosexual men in repulsive gay bars is much, much higher than the total of farcically married homosexuals.


  1.  peter Posted :

    Lol! Alessandra, you’re a treat. Demonic, but still a treat. God bless you. Better yet….priceless

  2.  Barb Chamberlan Posted :

    Thanks, Alessandra. It’s nice to see pics of the trolls who comment here.

  1. RichardPosted :

    Alessandra and Barb, my earlier post must have been too revealing of both your natures. Suffice it to say, common decency and a sense of propriety have escaped both your lives. We are left with these images: Barb trolls google to exploit children and Alessandra spends his nights trolling for titillation. Grotesque on both counts.

  2.  Randy E King Posted :


    There is nothing decent about the sexual depravity you pimp. Common decency dictates that we kick you folks out of our society.

    When Cain killed Able God commanded the tribe to turn its back on Cain. The 1st Amendment protects our right to treat you in kind.

  3.  RobertPosted :

    Randy, in what way does the First Amendment protect your “right” to treat anyone in a particular way? You are certainly free to malign gays, and normal people are free to malign you, in response. Is that what you’re talking about?

  1. Randy E KingPosted :

    MSDNC report on rape in the military:

    “male rape survivors are stepping forward to remind officials that men are targeted more often than women ”

    Feel good about yourselves Robert and Richard; are you proud of yourselves?

  2.  AlessandraPosted :

    About 10% of sexual assaults in the military were males sexually assaulting males.

    You can see the report here (2011):


    This is interesting because the estimates for homosexual males in the military are about 1-2% of all military personnel. And yet homosexual male sexual assaults were 10% of all assaults.

    That is much higher than their respective representation. And with the repeal of DADT, it will only climb. However there will be tremendous pressure, and much greater pressure than before, to cover up and lie about any homosexual perpetrator, in order to prove for political reasons that repealing DADT “worked.”

    These are the people who call us “demonic” and want to trample on every single one of our fundamental rights.

    1. Richard said: “Suffice it to say, common decency and a sense of propriety have escaped both your lives.”

    Wait… aren’t the men in gay bars “decent” to you? And are women with a homosexual problem in bars what you call having a “sense of propriety”?

    As you and peter demonstrate again and again here: for a pervert, nothing is perverted.

    Deep down, LGBT people know they are warped. They only want to engage in the marriage circus to avoid dealing head on with their profound psychological problems in the area of sexuality.

    You can take the LGBT out of the DSM, but you can’t take the profoundly deformed (DSM) psychological problems out of the LGBT folks.

    1. Robert said: “Randy, in what way does the First Amendment protect your “right” to treat anyone in a particular way? You are certainly free to malign gays, and normal people are free to malign you,”

    Given that you think that homosexuals dressed up like dogs or monkeys on a leash is “normal,” maybe you should get off your soapbox for stipulating what normality is.

  3.  Will FisherPosted :

    NOM moderator, I think you might want to shut this comment thread down. It’s degenerated into something that bears little resemblance to respectful dialogue.

  4. ……………………..

Will Fisher,

Actually the myriad ways that LGBT individuals denigrate sex, sexuality, themselves, and everybody else is a very interesting topic. Any thread on this topic should never be shut down, no matter how upset homosexual agenda proponents get when we expose the reality of the LGBT.

There is nothing that ever comes out of the mouth of a person with a homosexuality agenda that is ever respectful or truthful.

As long as people with your harmful agenda want to pollute the NOM blog with your nasty ideology, be prepared to read what decent people think in response.

Will Fisher Posted:

Alessandra, I’m a married, church-going, straight man. How do I have a homosexual problem/agenda? You’re crazy!

Will Fisher,

I see that you like lying about your own homosexuality agenda, the one that you promote in everyone of your comments here. As you show, you can be married, go to church, and have the most ignorant homosexuality agenda – all at the same time.

This pretty much sums up the current liberal homosexuality agenda:

The homosexuality agenda is the political and cultural movement to normalize homosexuality in every aspect of society, including legally, by systematically lying about its etiology and consequences, and to criminalize any questioning, differing viewpoints, objections of said homosexual agenda.

The homosexuality agenda (ridiculously called “gay rights movement” and other such euphemistic terms) is part of a larger liberal agenda regarding sexuality and personal behaviors (including the endorsement of promiscuity, hook-ups, perverse and perverted attitudes and behaviors related to sex, porn, adultery, abortion, destruction of traditional marriage, STD epidemics, etc.).

The homosexuality agenda is largely responsible for irresponsible and corrupt research and academic production regarding homosexuality.

Do not confuse the term “(homo)sexuality” with “(homo) sexual orientation. They are not the same.

Homosexuality is about sexual attitudes, values, attractions, repulsions, concepts and interpretations about sexuality, power and domination or subjection dynamics relating to the sexual other, affection or objectification of the sexual other, admiration or disrespect related to the sexual object,conscious and unconscious feelings related to self or other which shapes or deforms relation and sexual feelings towards other, obsessions and distortions, projections, fantasies, dysfunctions, traumas, impacts from social conditioning, problems with masculinity or femininity, problems with personal history and fundamental caretakers, etc. that will result in the sexualization of someone of the same sex and a hindering of the normal sexualization of someone of the opposite sex.

Society needs to be concerned about homosexuality, not homosexual orientation. Homosexual attraction or desire is only a mere product of a myriad configurations of these aforementioned dysfunctional
psycho-social dynamics.


As a final comment, one of the things that was striking in the slurs flung above is that the fact that decent people are called “bestial” by homosexuals, because we insist on a sexuality paradigm that is ethical, wholesome, and respectful.

And these very same homosexuals insist on thinking, behaving, and dressing up as deformed sexuality monkeys on a leash, debasing and degrading sex and sexuality in ways that many beasts in the animal world rise above.

Which one then is the bestial? The homosexuals who think and behave like depraved chained dogs spreading STDs all around society or decent heterosexuals who are fighting for a wholesome culture regarding sexuality?

The fight for marriage will never be successful unless society starts to consider how deformed LGBT people’s ideas about sexuality are. And this only happens because most LGBT individuals, along with liberals, refuse to face how many profound psychological and ethical problems they have.