A question that has not been addressed regarding this case* is the role of this predatory lesbian’s parents. By the little information that has been reported, they encouraged their daughter, Kaitlyn Hunt, to target and groom underage girls for homosexual exploitation and statutory rape – something we can presume many other liberal parents also do.

Whether Kaitlyn’s parents can be legally defined as “aiding and abetting” in these harmful actions is a question for the justice system. But in practice, that is exactly what they seem to have done by the information reported. Apparently they had knowledge that their daughter was targeting girls for homosexual activity, they think this is normal, they encouraged it, and they counseled her to do it if she wanted to. Moreover, they did not report their daughter to authorities after her alleged statutory rape*. If this wasn’t enough, they adamantly want their daughter not to be prosecuted for the alleged statutory rape. In other words, they want their daughter to commit statutory rape of girls, as often as she likes, targeting as many kids as she wants, with total impunity. It’s clear that people defending homosexual statutory rape clearly espouse morally corrupt views on sexuality and work to destroy protections ensured by the law against child sexual exploitation and perversion.

The sexual grooming and statutory rape allegedly committed by Kaitlyn is defended by liberals based on their utterly false claim that homosexuality is normal, therefore pursuing homosexual behavior is not only acceptable but laudable – and that includes child exploitation, seduction, homosexual grooming, perversion, and statutory rape. Liberals wrongly believe that homosexual urges are biologically determined and therefore must be followed through in action – that is why they normalize homosexuality, and use the same rationale for porn and promiscuity. It’s all an excuse for rationalizing their dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors regarding sexuality, but any excuse will do for people who want just that.

It’s clear that those defending Kaitlyn would encourage, aid, and abet teenagers in committing many kinds of sexually exploitative and abusive actions, including every single statutory rape in society. This is, after all, the liberal recipe for sexuality regarding teenagers.  Despite their ridiculous protestations that they are not in the same boat as the NAMBLA folks, liberals who normalize homosexuality show us that, in practice, they want to largely achieve what NAMBLA failed to do. They want to have sex with minors and claim to be oppressed and misunderstood if they aren’t allowed to – the only difference is the cut-off age, since NAMBLA also included smaller kids. Furthermore, NAMBLA consistently pushed to lower consent age for sex – exactly one of the issues in this case.

Kaitlyn’s parents shamelessly proclaimed that Kaitlyn was just “experimenting with her sexuality and the other girl’s.” So, what if this Kaitlyn had wanted to produce child porn with this 14-year-old? What if she wanted to have a three-some with an adult and the 14-year-old? Should she be allowed simply because she has a homosexual problem and her parents claim that Kaitlyn has the right to “experiment with other girls’ sexualities” in any way that her perverted homosexual mind conceives of? Kaitlyn’s “right” to “experiment” with other kids stops where other kids have the right not to be experimented with – and that applies to every single kid. All the more power to the girl’s parents who went to the police. And lucky for them that they still can. If liberals continue to push for their “normalize homosexuality” crusade, pretty soon parents with ethical views on sexuality will probably be hauled into jail for not accepting homosexuality as normal and for objecting that their kids be groomed for homosexual sex, which we all know is hailed as the hate and bigotry thought crime du jour.


*Update June 8, 2013:


Well, more than two weeks after this story broke, there’s not a lot more information, but there is some.

So I wanted to say that, from the side of both families, it’s a bit murky to assume that we can deduce what the parents knew about what was going on with their daughters, and when they knew exactly what. Did Kaitlyn’s parents know she was having sex with the victim? Perhaps. Or perhaps they thought it was possible, but didn’t know for sure. And as far as we know anything, it certainly seems they made no effort to find out exactly what was happening, even while knowing that there are laws against sexual exploitation of minors.

To my mind, there is no way a young adult can come home and tell their parents that they are “dating” a 14 yr old and have that same kid spend the night (!) with them in their bedroom and the parents claim they could not presume this was a sexual encounter. Now, it’s true that we don’t know if the parents were home that day/night. We don’t know if Kaitlyn told them that she was “dating” or whatever similar  word she could have used to refer to what she was doing with the girl. So we’ll have to wait until the trial.

But the mom did say she thought the girls were just “experimenting with their sexualities” – when did she say that? Referring to what activities between the girls? We’ll have to wait.



Update May 30 2013 – nice recap of several facts in this case

Support Honesty: Examining the facts of the Kaitlyn Hunt prosecution and Free Kate movement:



The best commentary so far:





More of my comments here:



Police affidavit states:

Hunt had deformed  lesbian “sex” with victim – since women with a homosexual problem are too psychologically deformed to have sex with men, and for which the human body was designed. Hunt inserted other things/body parts into girl’s v0gina and had sex. It happened on more than one occasion. Kaitlyn affirmed that she did not think it was wrong to have sex with the girl “because girl acted older”!

Oh, and the lesbian pig wanted to be a nurse! Get these horrible people out of the medical professions.

She should get two years in prison plus be registered as a sex offender. Send a nice message to liberals who think they can sexually exploit children whenever they feel like it. And it’s too bad her parents and the whole GLAAD directorate can’t accompany her.


Ah, and look at this!!! From a commenter at Salon:

JerseyDevil –     Saturday, May 25, 2013 05:40 PM +0200

The younger girl just turned 15 2 months ago.

The older girl is turning 19 in a 2.5 months.

“The relationship had been ongoing and the younger girl’s parents intentionally waited until Kaitlyn turned 18 before going to the police.”

I keep hearing this, but it does not make sense.

On the police affidavit Kate’s date of birth is given as August 1994.

This would make her 18 at the time the 2012-2013 school year started.

The affidavit states that they met in school, and began their relationship in November 2012.

If she was born in 8/1994 and they began their relationship in 11/2012….How can she have been 17 when they started dating?

Furthermore, the charges were filed in Feb 2013. This would not be ‘right after she turned 18’, as she had been 18 the entire time the relationship was going on, and had been 18 for over 6 months by the time the charges were filed.

The stories are not adding up here, and making me doubt one party’s honesty


MAY 26 2013 update

NAMBLA (wiki)

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors,[2][3] and for the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve coercion.

Read as many times as necessary. It’s exactly how liberals think, see the Kaitlyn case. Instead of abolishing age of consent laws, liberals want to progressively bring them down, even if not abolishing them completely.

“NAMBLA’s website states that it is a political, civil rights, and educational organization whose goal is to end “the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships.”

Heh! Just like the discourse from liberals here and everywhere: free Kate – it’s all consensual!

“In 1994 the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) adopted a “Position Statement Regarding NAMBLA” saying GLAAD “deplores the North American Man Boy Love Association’s (NAMBLA) goals, which include advocacy for sex between adult men and boys and the removal of legal protections for children. “

You can’t make this stuff up. And what are liberals and the repugnant GLAAD people doing right here?

Advocating for sex between adults and children. Removing the legal protections for children! Because according to liberals (who normalize homosexuality and child sexual exploitation ), sex with children is just fine – the only problem is if they get caught – that’s the mentality of a pedophile.

GLAAD: “Diligent action is needed to convince Bruce Colton and Brian Workman to DROP the charges pressed against 18 year old Kaitlyn and give her the opportunity to pursue the fulfilling life she deserves to lead.”

Just like NAMBLA. No charges for pedophiles: it’s all normal.

And seriously, the “fulfilling” life of a deformed lesbian who targets kids for sex? There you go –  no matter how deformed people are regarding sexuality, count on  liberals to claim it’s all normal and good.


Oh, and I found out something good – excellent, in fact – about Anonymous (the hackers):



They tried to snag child pornography consumers/exchangers.

I hadn’t heard about this and had always thought it was horrible that the hacking group never did anything about the problem, given all their hacking know-how, and being perhaps in the best position of all groups, such as governmental and non-profit ones dealing with child abuse, to track down and expose child abusers and pornographers/consumers of child porn.

What did the authorities do with the information provided by Anonymous though, we wonder? I really, really wonder – because we all know that most of the time very little is done.

The world is so wrong.


Update: May 29th 2013

Tanny (at paterico) asked:  If the parents knew their daughter was having sex with Miss Smith are they culpable for damages?

It seems we’ll have to wait for the trial to know the answer. I would think if charges can’t be brought based on “aiding and abetting in child sexual battery” maybe based on a failure to report abuse of a child. Have to see what they mean by “child abuse” and if it fits in this case.

During the 2012 legislative session, the Florida legislature passed HB 1355/SB 1816 which had a significant impact on the Chapter 39 of Florida Statutes, the law relating to mandatory reports of child abuse. These changes to the mandatory reporting law will be effective July 1, 2012.

Here are some points to remember about the new law:

Reports of child abuse should be made to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Abuse reports can be made through the DCF statewide hotline (call 1-800-96-ABUSE) or through the DCF website.

Everyone in Florida is a mandated reporter but some people are professionally mandated reporters. For example, social workers, medical and mental health professionals, teachers and other school officials must give their names and occupation or place of business when calling.

Child abuse by parents, caregivers, any other adults and juvenile sex offenders should be reported to DCF’s statewide hotline.

Failure to report child abuse to DCF will be now a third degree felony (previously this was a first degree misdemeanor).



Mandatory reporting, yes! Liberals want these crap of people sexually abusing and exploiting kids as they please and they want to cover it up, in full collusion – felony.

I hope it applies. As a non-lawyer though: How could the following not be considered child abuse: (sexual battery); s.800.04. F.S. (lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age)?

Update May 30th – Answer: they can probably get away with lying, by denying they knew that their daughter was having sex with the 14 yr old, in case they actually knew.