Frendamine (woman) telling me about her latest woes in socializing and trying to meet a guy. Here’s the run down on the last three: two of them were married, looking for an affair – unabashedly and clearly. These two men spend a lot of their time traveling, and specifically traveling away from their wives, and seek out other women as if this were perfectly normal.

One is like an idiotic clown that cruises through life systematically avoiding dealing with any serious topic, because his comfortable status allows him to do so. The second one does the same, but for completely different reasons – he has serious unresolved issues, which can easily veer into the direction of causing depression in him, and instead of trying to deal with it all, as in therapy, he has been running away all his life, from himself, first and foremost, and then, consequently, from the world. Any serious topic is too much to deal with because it is so depressing in his mind. And he doesn’t have a clue that the problem is, first and foremost, inside himself. So this guy works for some time to make some money, and then he runs desperately away, usually abroad, including away from his wife (and what kind of character would she be?) and looks for women elsewhere and takes these long aimless vacations.

Wow. See? Liberals.

On top of that, this friend of mine met these two men at a small gathering and the only other woman who initially seemed that could provide a bit of female-to-female support regarding the men turned out to be a bisexual pig who then tried to come onto my friend.

Liberal society is a sewer with an endless number and infinite variety of garbage of adults.

Lastly, she then met another man – at least this one was divorced and had raised his kids. What kind of a man? Democrat and liberal – so obviously, he thinks he is a good person. So he says: my two kids are all grown up. And you know what I miss? I miss having them in my life as when they were kids, because I loved doing stuff for them, buying the things they wanted, you know, like providing and pampering them.

So my friend says: there are so many kids in need, have you thought about doing some volunteering or…
That’s when guy’s expression completely changed and became thoroughly insensitive, and he interrupted her brusquely, “No, I have no interest; I’ve done enough volunteering…”

And she then said to me, later: “Enough” volunteering! What’s that? Millions of kids suffering who could so use a little bit of kindness and it sometimes makes such a difference. But no, the selfishness is too grand, too absorbing.
It’s all about him and his kids — only. Ask him to do anything that is not within the me, me, me realm – and it’s too much to ask, even clearly distasteful. How long is this guy still going to live? 30 years? Will do nothing for anyone who is not within his strictly egotistical little bubble – for three decades. And this is someone, as far as my friend was able to surmise, who has resources. And this was just one of the “highlights” of the conversation. There were many more problematic instances forming such a lack of awareness.

“Enough” volunteering… certainly he has not been selfish enough, has he? It’s the volunteering that he has done “enough” of.

Why is this considered normal? Why are we all so profoundly conditioned to think only about our selves and to be so thoroughly blind and insensitive to suffering in the world? This must be one of the most poisoned aspects of our culture. The cult of selfishness to the extreme and the obligatory insensitivity to the suffering of others that selfishness warrants at all times. Everyone is conditioned to walk by and keep walking without thinking about everyone else who suffers. Modern life largely consists of keeping the blinders in place, as tightly as possible.