Just a quick note to say that from the very first moment this Snowden-NSA scandal broke, I was wide-eyed, thinking to myself how unbelievably huge this scandal is, the fact that it has barely gotten underway and it’s already exploding in so many fronts. To top things off, I had the surreal experience of talking to a variety of morons who had barely heard of it, barely taken interest in it, barely realized just how enormous it is – and this, only considering what’s happened up to now – even without considering what’s to come – which is anybody’s guess. But if the revelations up to now are any indication, we are witnessing, day by day, hour by hour, with all the adrenaline rushes given by the immediacy that high-tech news dissemination means can provide us, perhaps the greatest political scandal that I will ever witness in my life time. It’s like an avalanche that first begins in slow motion. In an avalanche, the first slabs of snow and ice start to dislodge and shift imperceptibly. It’s this beginning that deceptively appears to be moving slowly in time – it seems nothing is really happening that could take down a whole mountain. In reality, however, the rumbling only lasts a few seconds before the thing picks up so much speed and volume, now thundering and just exploding down the mountain, engulfing everything in its path. Here of course it’s parallel avalanches on parallel mountains, all interconnected, moving at different speeds – but started by one man.

It is unbelievable.

There are too many implications for me to write about. I’ve been reading mostly. But here is something that has struck me that no one will connect the dots with:

WASHINGTON — In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.

The techniques are a key pillar of the Insider Threat Program, an unprecedented government-wide crackdown under which millions of federal bureaucrats and contractors must watch out for “high-risk persons or behaviors” among co-workers. Those who fail to report them could face penalties, including criminal charges.


Without going into the topic the article directly discusses: Stasi-like societies – which the US is increasingly and rather rapidly morphing into* – with fully uninformed, partially informed, or fully informed consent of its populace and elites – a topic which definitely merits a discussion, I wanted to remark that all these measures could be useful in detecting profiles related to sexual abuse or harassment. In fact, what else can we do in terms of prevention? Unless you work to detect, you will be neglecting all red flags that imperil children and adults that will be or are being targeted for exploitation, harassment, and abuse. You cannot do prevention without detection.

And yet, large swaths of the public will argue for the very opposite, for society to tune out to signs of potential sexually perverted and harmful profiles, by adopting the mantra that “sexuality is nobody’s business.” Everyone must be accepted with any sexual perversion because everyone is “born the way they are.” Everyone is “normal” and every sexual perversity is OK. So say our sexually perverted elites (and the large part of the populace who is the same). And they will hypocritically add that every sexual perversion is OK “as long as its consensual” – pretending that every time that consent fails it is not already too late for prevention – and pretending that it’s not the same people who they were empowering as being sexually perverted “as long as it was consensual” that usually violate consent down the road. But society supported the perverted mind of the individual all the way until the abuse or harassment happened.

Society waits until abuse happens to then exclaim that abuse is bad – but where is the detection that will allow its prevention? Then all we see in society are cowards.

Furthermore, while sexuality bourgeoisies go on proclaiming that being sexually perverted is OK “if it is consensual,” they are fully indifferent to the fact that most of what is not consensual is never brought to justice anyways, a fact that obviously does not bother them and for which there is no civil rights movement, we must note.

The US, like many modern societies, uses a great deal of their security apparatus and related knowledge to cover up crimes, instead of detecting and investigating them, failing to provide both safety and justice for millions of people.

From our series “I live in a barbarian society that calls itself modern.”

* One could argue that American society has always been Stasi-like, the NSA et al is just its latest incarnation, that it’s just the form of persecution and surveillance that takes on different colors, like a chameleon which changes shades but is always the same animal, for example, the Red Scares and un-American activities period, etc.