This was one of McCain’s best posts last month:
Neutral Objective Incompetence: How Ginger Gorham Aided Pedophile Network

“I felt no sense anything was wrong. For all intents and purposes this appeared to be a loving family and a loving household, and I’ve gone over and over about it in my brain and I did not feel anything was wrong. … I’m profoundly shocked and disgusted by what’s happened. Since then, I just am revolted and I find myself quite despairing about the turn of events.”
– Ginger Gorham, Australian Broadcasting Company

From McCain: When Wintery Knight first told me about this story, I was stunned: In 2010, Australian reporter Ginger Gorham produced a human-interest feature about two men and their son that glowed with the kind of one-sided enthusiasm one might expect to find in advertising copy for toothpast or a political endorsement. Nary a hint nor a shadow of skepticism dimmed the sunshine-and-rainbows narrative Gorham provided for Mark Newton and Peter Truong.

Police Vow to Pursue Pedophile Ring ‘To the Ends of the Earth’

Authorities in Australia say they intend to apprehend and prosecute every member of an international child pornography ring that exploited a boy who was molested from infancy by two men who reportedly created him with a Russian surrogate mother. “With this network, rest assured that we will pursue them to the ends of the Earth to make sure each and every one of them faces justice for what their role has been in crimes against this child,” Queensland Police Officer Jon Rouse told the Australian Broadcasting Company.
Officer Rouse is a member of Task Force Argos, the special unit that investigated the case of two Australian men who sexually molested a boy for six years, providing video of their crimes — and even paid sexual encounters with the boy — to an “international syndicate” of pedophiles called the Boy Lovers Network.
Mark Newton, 42, was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison last week by U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker. Authorities say Newton and his partner, Peter Truong, 36, paid a Russian woman $8,000 to give birth to a boy they said was conceived using artificial insemination with Newton’s sperm. The men began sexually abusing the boy before he was two weeks old, recording the acts on video they shared online with other pedophiles. . .

McCain at his best:

You can read the rest at ViralRead. No one can doubt that Ginger Gorham is now shocked, disgusted and revolted by these horrifying revelations. …

What enraged me is how the utter one-sidedness of the news media in regard to homosexuality assisted Newton and Truong in their crime, so that when Gorham sought them out for a 2010 feature article, it amounted to free publicity for their criminal enterprise.

Journalists today cannot report about homosexuality, they must only advocate, endorse, praise and celebrate homosexuality. This paradigm reduces reporters to the role of propagandists, whose job is to parrot the publicity of radical gay-rights activists.

[Exactly! The monstrous liberal media apparatus only works to serve the purposes of homosexual criminals and other destructive LGBT individuals]

So far has this disastrous trend gone, that it never even occurred to Ginger Gorham that there was anything . . . odd about Truong and Newton’s extraordinary efforts to secure custody of an infant boy whom, we now know, they trained to perform as a gay sex toy:

Prosecutors said videos showed the boy “performing sex acts on Newton with a disturbing level of sophistication” when the boy was not yet 2 years old. At least eight different men had sex with the boy, investigators believe. ”The purchase of the child for the explicit and sole purpose of exploiting him across a network of men is incredibly depraved and very sad tale for that little boy,” Officer Rouse said.

The one story that the media will never report is their own abandonment of any pretense to fairness, and anyone who tries to hold them accountable is deliberately exiled or ignored.

And in the blogsphere, they are routinely censored, like I am.

McCain ends his excellent post with: “Ginger Gorham made herself an accomplice to this crime.”

Indeed. Well said. This is what few have the courage to say out loud. What a world of liberals who are nothing but cowards and sexual violence enablers.

And I partially disagree with McCain about what he remarks here: “No one can doubt that Ginger Gorham is now shocked, disgusted and revolted by these horrifying revelations”

Is she really? I guess I will have to search the Net to find proof of it. Because my guess is that she isn’t too revolted by these horrifying revelations – or she would have enough character to make a documentary or a news piece about this monstrous case.

She seems as cheap as they come. My guess is that she is only good for stereotyping homosexuals as “nice” people, and will gladly keep her mouth shut and will report nothing when it comes to denouncing the ugly reality of how perverted and disgusting LGBT people are, including the most heinous crimes they commit, even to defenseless infants.

LGBT: the only group in the world whose “civil rights” movement includes sexually torturing infants for their sick pleasure. See, tolerant and progressive.

These are the people who call social conservatives “haters.” Everyone who participated in any way to enable these men to get their hands on this baby is a co-sexual abuser.

And this is why GLAAD and other such organizations, with their relentless propaganda to hide the violence and harm done by LGBT individuals, is probably one of the ugliest, most corrupt organizations in activity today.

For a similar horrific episode in the US, see the Frank Lombard case, which I’ve mentioned often in this blog and elsewhere.