This comment over at the American Conservative (a site where I was banned, accused of being “inflammatory” for challenging the liberal homosexuality agenda) was very well organized and written:


Also, there is an idea here that the acceptance of homosexuality is due to reason and true morality, rather than due to (a) a huge propaganda campaign, which ignores or shifts the blame for the negative consequences of homosexuality (what if we treated smoking the way we treat homosexuality?) (b) the fact that the easy availability of sexual temptation in our culture has led most of us astray, and many people interpret ”judge not” to mean ” it’s okay to be sexually licentious as long as you condone sexual licentiousness for everyone else, (c) the huge emphasis on individualism and sentimentality in our culture, and (d) the idea in our culture that the most important commandment is “thou shalt not frustrate any desire you have.”

What if there are good reasons to oppose the normalization of homosexuality, and what happens when these come back and bite us?

People seem to ignore the fact that liberalism is destroying the west from within. Europe and America are both letting hostile cultures invade and overtake them.

If we could enjoy a modern society like the one we have had for the past fifty years or so, maybe you would have a point. But all of the things of liberalism that make it so attractive and that have routed conservatism for so long – they are about to destroy the very structure that supports them.

John of Dorset:

To say homosexual orientation is no choice proves nothing. Pedophilic desire or desire for immoderate consumption of alcohol may also not be a choice, but this does not answer whether the desire is a good thing and whether acting on the desire is natural and moral.


Finally, other conservatives are starting to criticize and address the problem of the normalization of homosexuality — one of the topics I’ve been pointing to for so long as a particular grand elephant in the room.

And John nails the retort to one of the most stupid claims ever made in the modern era: simply because a desire pops up in a person’s mind, not only must it have been there before birth, it must have been determined genetically. As if we were not psychological creatures and as if experience and the unconscious (developed AFTER birth) had NO influence on desire and feelings and relationships.

The absurdity of this claim is so staggering that it boggles the mind, along with how uncritically it is adopted by liberals (and others), and this with a religious cult-like zeal. Self-serving thoughts that inflate the ego and give people the illusion of being “smart” are clearly so much more attractive than anything that requires knowledge and reflection. Such a disheartening observation.

It’s exactly what brought the Nazis to power.