(update Jan. 4, 2014)

The Catholic Church is finished. Not the Church itself, which will be around for millennia, but that Church and that Catholicism that is the cornerstone of a healthy, wholesome social conservative approach to life, including in the spheres of relationships and sexuality, and which has this approach as one of the cornerstones of its religious principles.


“Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. . . . Under no circumstances can they be approved. . . Homosexual persons are called to chastity. . . .” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, para. 2357-2359).

to Elizabeth Scalia’s:

“homosexuals are in fact ‘special and exceptional others,’ . . . created and called to play a specific role in our shared humanity.”

and Pope Francis’:

“If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person? . . . These persons must never be marginalized, and “they must be integrated into society.” The problem is not that one has this tendency. No, we must be brothers.”

Clearly, the CC approach is to increasingly normalize homosexuality as some kind of inborn and unchanging characteristic of the individual, and to paint it as normal and acceptable, or something so minor that it could be completely overlooked, as if a person’s entire sexual psychology, especially when it is deformed and perverted, would not matter at all.

Second point, the CC, which may be good in its moral teachings (or should I say was good until Pope Francis), is as ignorant as the liberal masses still stuck in their “Eugenics” beliefs about homosexuality being “inborn and genetically determined.”

As we are increasingly seeing, the homosexual mafia gets stronger in the CC, and women and heterosexual men get weaker. If it weren’t bad enough how much they have already corrupted seminaries and the hierarchy, including their evil participation in sexually abusing hundreds of adolescent males and putting their mind and soul to covering up the crimes, they have now embarked on their GLAAD crusade to foist their homosexuality as acceptable and normal.

Contrary to what the Pope believes, the problem is exactly that “one has this tendency.” What the Pope calls “a homosexual tendency” is in reality a deep psychological, sociological, and ideological problem.

As for the rest of the CC, since it is mostly incapable of investigating and treating any homosexual problem in any individual, its approach smacks of its own ignorance of human psychology and it is left with an attitude that increasingly resembles a “move along, nothing to see here with our profound, corrupt homosexual mafia and followers.”

(Added on Sept 19/2013 from something I said in the comments):

What the Catholic Church needs to go back to realizing is that having a perverted mind is a sin.

While an individual cannot be blamed if their mind produces a desire they can’t control, and especially a perverted or perverse desire, they are responsible for what they do about it and how much they feed their perverse desires, thoughts, fantasies, etc. Not investigating the underlying problems that are contributing to the generation of that desire is neglectful and irresponsible, and only contributes to maintaining the psychological/social/ideological problems that generate the perverted desire in the first place.

People with a homosexuality problem need to investigate the etiology of their problem and resolve it. The Church, which cannot provide therapy, is mostly ineffectual in this respect and thus largely incapable to help deal with many root issues.

I’m underscoring this because a lot of people who have perverted minds do NOT want to *deal* with their problems – they just want acceptance, they simply want to feel better – that’s all. It’s just like the Church shuffling along its homosexual pedophiles: Oh, let’s put them in another parish, we’ve already asked them to repent, problem solved. And then they abused again. A surprise to whom?


* Anyone following this blog knows that I have been banned from commenting on the First Things site – this is another consequence of having people with a homosexual problem controlling forums and debate spaces in society. Censorship is mostly the norm, whenever their point of view is questioned.

Updated on 21-Aug-2013:

So, recently, I was talking to a Catholic young woman, whom I had just met and who asked me if I was Catholic. I explained that while I agreed with and believed in many of the teachings of the CC, I was not Catholic. She was lively and talkative, and had had a nicely privileged, well-educated, well-traveled life. In nothing did she resemble someone with a closed mind.

As the conversation moved on, I told her that I was disappointed with the new Pope. Before I could even finish the words, she flat-out dictated, “you. must. obey.” (as in you must obey him and everything he thinks/says). Her eyes narrowed and went kind of lifeless like, in complete contrast to the liveliness she had been displaying up to then. The intensity in her voice expressing the degree to which she had been conditioned to be completely subservient to authority startled me. There was no aggressiveness in her manner, but it was eerie to see how robotic her psychology was. It was actually subtle, but at the same time, intense. Due to the delicacy of the situation, I thought but I did not say, “No, I mustn’t. And you would do a lot better if you thought more and obeyed less.”

Added on Dec. 27th, 2013: You know, I tried editing the description of her manner above today, because for the life of me, I couldn’t find the right words capture it clearly when I first wrote it. When I was writing this post, after a few tries, I just gave up. Not so easy to describe exactly the manner in which this young woman spoke and the look in her eyes.