London-based designer Yanko Tsvetkov, through his site, has taken the art of mapping to a new level! His work is amazingly insightful and displays such a good knowledge of idiotic nationality stereotypes and cultural biases from so many cultures. And the humor – it is good, I mean, seriously good! This guy shouldn’t be a designer – at least he should write political or cultural cartoons as well as design.

I was laughing out loud all the way.

I mean, just look at some of these oceans: Nazi Submarine Ocean, Ocean of Europe, Noodle Ocean… Seriously, we need to change a name somewhere and really have an “Ocean of Europe” – that’s too good.

And the countries: WTF?, KQDFRCPQSFKZTAN + 2, OFFSHORIA, Evil Federated Empire of Europe, Wasn’t this Russia?, Definitely Not Europeans, Semi-France, Best Friends, Italy/Ethiopia/Somalia, Europoor du Nord/Europoor du Sud, Mars/Jupiter/Mercury, the World (Switzerland); in 2022: Greece (owned by China), Merkelreich…