So, I had discovered some visual maps based on stereotypes that Yanko had done, and blogged about them.

Next thing I know, Tsvetkov comes here to my blog to announce he has a major homosexuality problem and that I appear to be too preoccupied with his sexuality – apparently he considers himself proprietary of homosexuality as an entity, therefore having some kind of exclusive right to thinking about it. He then tells me I should be just as stupid as he is about homosexuality: don’t think, don’t reflect, but most of all, certainly don’t criticize anything related to sexuality or homosexuality; these are taboo topics, and no one should think about anything. Thinking is clearly a no-no for liberals.

Everyone should be just as ignorant and stupid as little Tsvetkov is. The reasons why I write and discuss issues of sexuality are plainly stated here, but he prefers to ignore them because he is much too interested in a certain little strawman claim he wants to build so that he can destroy it and feel he has accomplished something in debating me.

So he then launches into a little strawman tirade, claiming that I believe that homosexuals are “inherently promiscuous” and that I imagine homosexual relationships as “nothing but sexual endeavors.” The fact that I don’t think these things is obviously irrelevant to the not so clever Tsvetkov.

He then states he has a farcical “marriage” with another dysfunctional man with a major homosexual problem – as if with that one he scored a major point against his projected strawman! And he finishes his idiotic attempt to berate me by telling me to “grow up.”

Apparently little Tsvetkov has not yet realized that growing up means thinking about sexuality issues — and especially the issues he is too irresponsible, perverted, and down right stupid to address.

Below is stupidity itself:

As a “homosexual”, I would like to point out that you seem quite preoccupied with my own sexuality. It would be interesting to try to find out why this is. I, for one, am not at all interested in yours. The idea that I, as a homosexual, am also inherently promiscuous is ridiculously infantile. Imagining homosexual relationships as nothing but sexual endeavors is retarded. I didn’t marry my husband because I wanted to have sex with him. Grow up!