Among some very nice recent cultural discoveries are two stand-up comedians: Trevor Noah and Sebastian Maniscalco. You will note that neither of them have a filthy mouth, and neither espouse attitudes of a cad regarding women, and neither seem to promote degrading and exploitative attitudes about sex (porn, prostitution, etc.), at least, that I’ve seen.

See Trevor on Letterman (although the joke on the homeless mentally ill is gross). And he wears an elegant suit, thank you, not like those cheap comedians in their stupid, crappy t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes.

See Sebastian, here, and here

Trevor in particular is cute and has class — class which is so lacking on TV nowadays. I relate a lot to Sebastian’s social behavior rules underlying many of his jokes: he hates tattoos (Yes! Thank you!), and what a lovely ending to his tattoo joke, the Ferrari bit; another example is a skit about company coming over…

They both do ethnicity/multi-cultural jokes, and Trevor is much more international, but none of them are crude or have that sexist pig ‘hood mentality that Russel Peters and so many other black stand-up comedians display, who treat women the same way Jim Crow folks treated blacks. Russel Peters is obviously very good at hitting back at racism/immigration/ethnic prejudices, but he is quite crappy when it comes to women, sex, and relationships. Not the worse, though — and as if that excused any of it.

One of Peters’ classic ethnicity jokes

One of my very favorite pro-black/anti-racism stand-up routines: Steve Harvey

And since I’m listing best stand-ups, among the best is the great Cedric the Entertainer on gay marriage and gay animals. Gold!