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A Polite Society According to a Liberal Cad – Censored at (read ordinary-cads)
Posted on August 27, 2013

I stumbled across this blog called “Ordinary Gentlemen,” which is curiously populated by its very opposite. At least one of the blog owners, a certain Dave, is a major cad. As such, he uses the blog to display how warped his views are regarding sexuality, and, if anyone questions his twisted mindset, then he gets nasty and vomits insults and incivility. In the name of a “polite” society, of course! Because for a cad, a violent sexuality pigsty is a polite society. Raging like a demented queen, he alternated between threatening to censor my comments and spewing his retarded insults. Not only that, when he first threatened to censor me, I pointed out he was acting no differently than a little ayatolah, you know the repressive, petty, ignorant kind, who hates debate and dissent. “But, but, acting like a cad and a retarded ayatolah is how people act in my brand of polite society!” Well, so much for liberal sexuality pigs and their polite society of cads.

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