So I discovered a very nice blog today and was reading this thread on Bradley Manning, his gender identity disorder, and how ignorant and deranged liberals normalize it and promote it. Another quintessential example of the liberal lunacy of “identity, therefore real.” Coincidently, the very same lunatic belief espoused by this French psychotherapist here (“French Psychologist (Joe Kort) explores varied reasons why men have sex with men, while refusing to admit they are homosexual or bisexual”). You can read the Manning thread at THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL for all the comments (which are very important).

In one of them, there is this precious pearl that clinches this pathetic and unnerving dynamics by liberals, which was made in reference to this whole “identity, therefore real” issue. There is no end to the religious deference shown to people making crazy “identity” claims about things which they are not, such as a man claiming to be a woman because he would like to be one. So “Eric” pointedly replies:

Eric: …actually it is us laughing at you and your ilk’s hypersensitivity and treating with great solemnity matters that are inherently ridiculous


Thank you for putting it into words. There are many things which are profoundly enervating that liberals do, because they strain sanity so entirely to the point there’s none left, yet they do their utmost to claim the most irrational, absurd distortions of reality are sane, and should be treated with the greatest deferential attitude. And they truly form a religious cult-like deference to these rabidly demented ideas.

When I criticized the normalization of homosexuality in a blog I stumbled upon recently, (which I didn’t know was run by a liberal cad), after he spewed a long list of petty insults (in the name of civility, of course!), he grandly pronounced why he was censoring my views and questionings of his agenda:

“There is a difference between actual dissent and the marketplace of ideas determining that certain viewpoints are so obnoxious that they should likely be kept to one’s self.”

Thus, “actual dissent” is dissent that doesn’t dissent from his homosexuality agenda!

Notice how the “market place of ideas” in his phrase has been reduced to him, an ignorant and stupid liberal, who thinks any criticism that reveals his stupidity on any subject is “too obnoxious” and must be censored.

The market place of ideas must be shut down, because too obnoxious.

As Carlo, one of my favorite TAC commenters, recently clarified:

What today is called “liberalism” is anything but liberal in the classical sense. It is more of a form of soft totalitarianism, in which alternative moral visions are persecuted as “discriminatory” and “the idea of politics is subsumed within the idea of war, even in peacetime.”

There’s also something else to note here that has become quite standard with stupid liberals. Anyone and everyone that shows how stupid the normalization of homosexuality is must be equated to and propped up as the ultimate liberal bogey man, the “Westboro Church” folks. It doesn’t matter if you’re not at all talking about anything even remotely related to religion, for a liberal, objections to their stupidity regarding the normalization of homosexuality calls for an immediate and rabid stereotyping of the critic as some deranged and hateful “Westboro Church” member, accompanied by their indignant cries that anything you do can only be motivated by ANIMUS, ANIMUS, ANIMUS against the little gays! They scream animus so it must be animus. They seethe with rage at your criticisms so it must be animus, they vomit insults trying to to degrade you, so it must be animus – on your part. Animus! That magical little word that liberal cads live for.

Ignorant bigotry at its best. As it’s plain to see, as long as the fake animus accusation achieves its main goal of both debate and ideological shutdown, all is well for the stupid liberal, after all.

Lastly, as I noted in my Censored blog (link below):

Ironically… there are many more, I mean literally millions more liberals who sexually harass, molest, abuse, spread STDs, and degrade children and adults in society, and who think homosexuality is normal, than the handful of Westboro folks. Reality is that the Westboro folks are a bit strident, true, but they are certainly not the destructive, violent pigs that so many liberals who normalize homosexuality are.

Who is making society a violent sexuality pigsty? It’s certainly much more people who think like Dave and normalize homosexuality than the Westboro folks.


If you want to read the exchange with this liberal cad called Dave at “Ordinary,” it’s here:

As Robert Stacy McCain perfectly pinned it down:

“Facts and logic that contradict their arguments are dismissed as somehow tainted because they don’t come from reliable (i.e., leftist) sources, whereas any specimen of counter-factual lunacy is acceptable to them, so long as it supports their anti-social (and sexually perverted*) worldview. There is therefore no point in trying to reason with such fools.”

*in italics: my words

DNW said: It’s always a crack-up to hear these clowns trembling in righteous indignation over some supposedly dehumanizing slight one of their kind has received; when, they have themselves ideologically reduced humankind to the status of bags of appetite, and happily done so.


Some nice comments regarding how liberals insist that transsexuals are not dysfunctional and crazy (not including those with biologically ambiguous genitalia):

Thursday, 29 August 2013 at 12:25 Great comment from Hoagie below in response to the lame liberal moaning that no one can contradict sexually deranged transsexuals because it’s “dehumanizing” not to go along with their derangement. Liberal clown chides:”How very dehumanizing of you. Manning isn’t a person to you; she’s a thing.”

Hoagie replies:

Only in the mind of a demented leftist could calling a man male a male be “dehumanizing”. I assume then that referring to Manning as “she” and supporting his demented psychosis, perversion and false self perception is somehow “humanizing” him? How is it humanizing to encourage an obviously sick and troubled person to self mutilate with castration, emasculation and slapping a pair of plastic boobs on himself?

I also liked this:

ropelight says: Thursday, 29 August 2013 at 12:33

Hoagie, you keep referring to Bradley Manning as if he was still a member of the masculine gender, and you know full well that since he’s decided to self-identify as something he’s obviously not, he can’t be a real man, if he ever was one, nor is he a woman.