I’ve just discovered this very nice site: Ethika Politika. And came across this excellent article by Mattias Caro: Why does everyone defend pornography?

Most people don’t have any problem with pornography. … And it’s not just easy to get, but most people accept pornography as something as American as apple pie. Of course, you don’t usually serve a helping of Playmate after Thanksgiving Dinner, but most Americans accept pornography uncritically as a necessary part of the American way of life, even if they are personally opposed to it.

This is a very interesting question. Although Mattias courageously launches the argument for partial or full censorship of pornography, that’s not the point I wanted to address. I wanted to focus on the question of normalization and acceptation. And to also note, that the more porn became extreme, including extremely violent, extremely degrading, and spreading into every type of perversion imaginable (animals, excrement, torture, etc.), the more accepted it became in American society. This move to legitimize porn and the eagerness to see it as acceptable by millions of individuals all happened starting with the Sexual Revolution of the 60s, thus a very short period of time. The question Mattias asked, however, has been largely glossed over and ignored, as important as it is. There is a tremendous squeamishness all around to tackle it head on (a refutation of the legitimacy of porn).

So here is a very quick take on the answer to the question Mattias raises.

Why does everyone defend pornography?

Because a large number of people are dysfunctional and warped regarding sexuality. As religion went into the ditch in the 20th century in terms of authority and the moral voice in society, the vacuum was taken up by the ideology of privileged, and largely parasitic, men regarding sexuality.

Many men are socially conditioned to be exploitative and perverted regarding sex, even if they target women outside their families for the worse of the exploitation (and violence). The women’s movement liberated women from the yoke of very patriarchal constraints of oppression, and joined hands with the sexual revolution in the 60′s/70′s. As a result, a new ideology was taught to many women, to become increasingly like men in order to wield power in society and in private spheres. Therefore, women who were previously brought up to be non sexually perverted mothers and wives, became more and more of sluts and adopted many of the parasitic attitudes and behaviors from perverted men, including consumption and normalization of porn, commitment-less sex, along with bisexuality and homosexuality.

Social conservatives who took a stand were in the minority; feminists who criticized porn for exploiting women were mostly ignored. All in all, you have a multiplicity of lies operating in terms of the attitudes to support porn. According to dominant liberal ideology, as long as there is consent, there can be no harm (that anyone cares to acknowledge).

Americans have now embarked on a warpath to declare themselves in every way normal regarding sexuality, no matter how deformed, perverted, or dysfunctional they are. People who are perverted in terms of sexuality don’t want to admit it and much less do they think about resolving their problems.

In short, people defend porn because it’s just like when we had slavery and it was fully justified as moral. The slave-owner parasites had power, they silenced the little dissent there was. Slavery was legitimized every which way. It can’t get more horrid than to have a society that defends pornography in the name of nothing other than freedom. Slavery was defended in the name of civilization, genocide in the name of progress, there is no surprise that people have come to endorse porn under the guise of freedom. The George Orwell kind.

Not that such systems cannot be changed.

One reason why it is always nice to see articles like Mattias’ and the courage he shows in addressing the issue. And also because he is a man, and talks to other men, man-to-man. There is such a terrible dearth of more stalwart men like him in society.