(the original sequence of this post was a bit jumbled, so I rearranged it on 1 Sept. 2013. Slightly touched up a paragraph on 13/9/2013. This post contains some additional thoughts to my page answering the question of why so many have normalized homosexuality so quickly.)
This article here:

A Response to Joseph Bottum by Mattias A. Caro

says something that I think is very important (among many others). In a response to Joseph Bottum’s pitiful promotion of homosexual marriage as a good thing for a Catholic to adopt, Mattias say:

“Catholics have largely abandoned these issue (marriage, divorce, porn, etc.) in the public square and have thus left these debates for the pews, if they ever occur at all. And sadly, Catholics show little difference from their secular brethren on these issues. ”

I have given a lot of thought to the question of why have so many people normalized homosexuality so quickly and so fiercely in the US, and recently I came across another observation that was right on target, that I hadn’t thought about. Josh Bishop/http://joshbishopwrites.com/. He wrote:

“I think @Benjamin Marsh is dead-on when he points to how our porn-saturated culture is impacting our views on gay marriage and, more broadly, on homosexuality. I think the gay marriage debate is benefiting from the nature and availability of today’s pornography — so different, as we’re often told, from previous generations’ “Playboy in dad’s dresser drawer” experience of pornography…. I absolutely agree that porn culture has made gay sex more palatable/tolerable than it would have been a generation ago.”

The question of the liberalization of America

America has become and continues to become increasingly liberalized (regarding social mores). Therefore conflating the spheres of capitalism/foreign policy with issues of the “culture wars” (family, relationships, sex/sexuality) creates confusion. Not that they aren’t entangled on many levels and deeply influence each other. But it’s plain to see that religious people, especially Christians/Catholics/Jews in the US are becoming enormously liberal, which also includes a good deal of Republicans. The Right is becoming more and more left (as in liberal). In a way, for many, it’s just a mask that’s coming off. Many Republicans and WASPS were never socially conservative in their hearts or personal lives, they just went along with putting on a conservative performance, because social constraints required it (adultery, porn, prostitution, homosexuality, etc).

Many countries with a past communist/socialist system continue to uphold good traditional values, while the US is destroying the remains of its socially conservative society with a fierceness that one could never have foreseen a few decades ago. I think liberalism is very capitalist (as in savage capitalism/profit above morality/ and extreme egoism/narcissism) and very destructive, because it attacks the most fundamental structures of society: the personal realm, what holds society together. I find it very ironic that, post-cold war, while the US drives itself into the ditch, Putin stands firm to defend his society from this homosexuality agenda crap.

There are some old guard conservatives that informally label liberals as “Marxists/commies,” even when they are talking about culture wars families/relationships issues. Now that becomes untenable in today’s world. “Liberal,” definitely yes, “left-winger,” loosely, but in the US the majority of Americans who support and promote homosexuality, porn, and sex outside marriage are not even remotely Marxist – they are staunch, obnoxious capitalists, usually younger (but also their parents), snotty materialistic types, who will support uncritically a deranged and out-of-control military-industrial complex, if that means they can get their hands on the latest iPhone or sexually harass boys in the BSA with impunity in the name of equality and inclusion. These are the younger emblem of capitalism today.

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I wrote a first version of this commentary as a reply in another thread at the First Street Journal.